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Originally Posted by Moon-Safari View Post
I love all your answers!!!!! It makes me happy when nobody can say for sure but there's so many ideas lol.

Okay next step in the theory: Underworld is the name of a secret govt project where the CIA worked with the mob to traffic drugs etc for extra funds to finance whatever black projects they wanted.

Now knowing that Trinity is the name of the project of testing the first atomic bomb in new mexico, and that that project is related to TR1 and natla being uncovered, and now that we know CD likes to use these secret govt project names as themes for their games here's what I can conclude:

The shipping containers on the ship didn't need reputable cargo with the actual government cooperating and funding the atlantean gene experiments run by Amanda, Natla, Rutland, and natla's 3 henchmen including larson. Trinity was a mercinary team used to do the dirty work for the govt and loaned to Natla. I think Natla's influence went all the way to the top of the control system in this world. She may very well have been working with the world monarch in charge of this whole pyramid scheme of control on earth. And Project Underworld was a mirror of us govt/mob meant to represent Natla and Amanda being given cover by the world government rulers to create a weaponized gene edited Lara for their personal use.

I would like to follow doppleganger after the events where she was freed, and watch her go take down the deepstate apparatus that created her.
Yeah that would be a good spin-off
Yeah natla is the extraterrestrial power dominating the world also don't forget Karel that is a lawyer and business man an anunnaki
But natla is a draconian and Karel a reptilian but together they rule the planet
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I am so behind on AOD lore. But It seems very important. But super dense. Interesting that there's a Draconian and Reptilian linage that is separate in the canon. I have to learn more about Karel and his anunnaki lineage.

BTW I think Melonie is the dopple that turned on CD who helped create her. And it's amazing to watch.
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Originally Posted by Moon-Safari View Post
I had a dream that they remade underworld and atlanteans started popping out of the containers on the ship, and it was natla and amanda's trafficking operation to get atlanteans through the bermuda triangle to transport them into multiple dimensions to wreak havoc.
It is a mystery what is in the containers. Most probably the ship that was sailing at the Mediterranean was loaded with supplies. Like food, and medicine. Perhaps equipment for the salvage operation to excavate the Norse Tomb on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

More interestingly is why there was a second ship. Was there a second Tomb location? (Was this planned?) Near the location of the second ship? Lara obtained all items to hold the hammer of Thor. I think that there could have been boots as well, which would allow Lara to leap or seemingly fly over great distances. If only Lara'd not trash the second ship. Bigfoot, or feet. Could probably be why they didn't do them Thor's Boots.

Originally Posted by xavecroft View Post
Yeah that would be a good spin-off
Yeah natla is the extraterrestrial power dominating the world also don't forget Karel that is a lawyer and business man an anunnaki
But natla is a draconian and Karel a reptilian but together they rule the planet
Natla draconian? There is no telling how she replenished her powersource, revealing in TRA that Natla has mechanical parts within herself. Possibly a powersource.

Karel is a shapeshifter. He could very well be a she, and or formless. Why did you imagine Karel as reptilian? A bile of goo would have more in common with the character Karel.

I always thought that maybe features of Lara were or could be extraordinary, but humanoid, nonetheless. Smart enough to compete.
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Princess Pixel
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OMG, that dream sounds wild! LOL. The idea of Atlanteans popping out of shipping containers is both hilarious and exciting at the same time. Can you imagine Lara's face if she saw that happen?

It's funny how dreams can inspire us and make us think of wild and crazy scenarios. But hey, who knows? Maybe the Tomb Raider writers could use your dream as inspiration for a future game.

In all seriousness, though, it's interesting to think about what could have been in those shipping containers in the actual game. Maybe Natla and Amanda were smuggling artifacts or weapons, or even other supernatural beings. The possibilities are endless!

What I love about the Tomb Raider franchise is that it always keeps us on our toes and surprises us with new and unexpected twists. So, who knows what the future holds for Lara Croft and her adventures? One thing's for sure, though, it's bound to be epic! 🤩
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