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Default TLA crashes on Win 7

Hi there, fellas!

Having a spot of trouble with running TLA on Windows 7 Home Edition (64-bit) with a mounted .iso-file. Installed it according to instructions, and then applied the patchwork found on tombraiderchronicles.com as instructed and here's what happens:

First pops up the setup window (for display and sound). The self-test finishes succesfully.

Game starts to load up, shows a "splash" screen followed by Eidos logo and comes up to the game title. And here it crashes before the "carousel menu" appears. Just the background and music playing.

I'm a my wits end as i've uninstalled, re-installed, patched, ran as administrator and whatnot to no avail. Also tried without the mounted cd-image and it comes to an error screen asking for the CD, as it should. So it's not an issue of that sort...

TR III itself works like a charm, though.

Anyone have any clue on what to try next? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not sure of the process of using an .iso file as I haven't dealt with them, sorry.
The method I used to install The Lost Artifact on windows 7 is as follows:

Install the game from the disc, then run the TR multipatch for the Lost Artifact. Now manually copy the DATA, FMV, AUDIO and PIX folders to your Lost Artifact directory, and use this No-CD executable to eliminate the need for the CD.
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Default Been there, done that...

I came across that approach in the other thread here and tried it as well. Just forgot to mention it. And it didn't work either.

What i found out after the initial post, using the DirectX diagnose tool, that some of the listed files are missing. Don't know if it's the cause, since the main game and also other TRs work without a hitch. Might as well try copying the missing ones manually to wherever they're supposed to be and see if it does anything. Funny thing is, the missing files are still missing after doing a fresh install with the DX installer that came with. Dunno why the installer doesn't copy all the files that the diagnose tool lists as needed.

Oh, one other thing: tried to run it in "software mode" from the setup window, but it just made it crash immediately when the game title screen appears instead of giving it a few seconds. And also, now that it came to mind, the setup window appears every time trying to run the game, not just the first time when you're running it as usual. Makes me think there's a problem saving the configuration maybe...

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Copy the file "config.txt" from your TR3 folder to your TLA folder.

Then, open the file and set the "MMX" line to 0. Then, run the game again and it should work.

EDIT: If you're trying to run in 1080p resolution or something like that, then it's a little more complicated. If you're trying to do this, please say so and I can tell you how to do so.

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Try this patch
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