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Originally Posted by Lara Coft Baby View Post
It may be considered piracy, when you download files yes, I did as you said as well. My games are so old that the CD's no longer work half the time. So I do the same thing and copy all the files to my pc, and try and find a NO-CD crack, which yes could be considered piracy but I use the no-cd for my own uses. I don't give the files out to anyone do its completely fine.

For what it's worth, I think what you're doing is completely fine. You've paid for the game, and you want to play the game. You're not distributing anything at all to anyone else. If anything, the people supplying you the NO-CD patch are the ones at risk of doing things wrong.

Besides, with Windows 10 removing support for lots of older DRM software, NO-CD patches have become more and more important for legitimate gamers who own original CDs.
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Originally Posted by laravision View Post
Here is a patched tr3gold.exe which doesn't require the CD to launch. You may have to run the multipatch first, then manually copy the relevant files to the Lost Artifact directory, followed by replacing the exe with the No-CD one.
Thank you, I just got the game in the mail and it's working perfectly.

I made sure to back it all up on my google drive and one drive.
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I always use UltraISO to make a virtual CD drive to play.
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you can pick up a good portable hard drive to plug into your computer on Ebay for $45 or more. Then you can use your Tomb raider CD game disk and any other game disks
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