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Honestly my favorite Core era game. So diverse and so brilliantly designed. Jealous you are getting to play it for the first time! I'd love to mind wipe myself and do it all over again!
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Glad you loved it!
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Ooooh lucky you , it's one of those game that I wish to be wiped from my memory over and over again in order to enjoy it like it's the first time each playthrough ! It's freaking perfect ! I loved every second of it , and Highland Fling is heaven <3
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
. I was suprised though that Sophia was still alive. I thought she died when she was electrocuted in TR3. Well she should be dead now.
There are two possible explanations IMO

1. We resurrected her somehow with the Hand of Rathmore
2. We went back in time (which time travel seems to be the primary power of the Hand) and bump with Sophia plan of getting some of the meteorite's artifact.
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I hate Sophia in TR3 !
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