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Default I am back again.

I have started posting here again. After like 2 posts or something a couple of years ago. And I don't intend to leave again, anytime soon. I think I liked reading the other posts more than actually posting for those couple of weeks.

It's cool that people are still really into the classics like I am. I guess it's a similar idea for a reason. Tomb Raider is awesome.

Thinking of starting my own projects with Tomb Raider like I always planned to do. Who knows where it'll go.

I don't even remember if I did an intro post when I started before.

Oh well.

Anyway I started playing Tomb Raider at it's initial release in 1996, when I was pretty young. But I never got to play the game for very long as it was a loan. The first game that I fully played and got the proper experience was Tomb Raider 2.

Loved Tomb Raider ever since.

My favourite is still Underworld, with Tomb Raider 4 being close behind.
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omg i cant believe someone actually likes underworld the best wowwww
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Underworld is actually very good. For me, sprinting is finally the fastest movement again.
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Well, I think from a perspective of what game is the best to me, it'd definitely be Tomb Raider 2. I played it fully first, and it stuck with me, I guess. Playing the trippy last couple of levels really wowed me back then.

But Tomb Raider Underworld is more put together. It's more enjoyable as far as being structural. Feels like the classics, and requires little brain power. The others are much too intricate in some places. Needing to remember where the traps are, depleting the medi packs often. Or just a lot of targeting, which annoys the hell out of me.

I don't have to think about it too much, which I guess for a while is where my head was at. Nah, I've played Tomb Raider Underworld, a lot. It's kind of like my stress relief. I know where everything is, the treasures are like memorized, done them several times.

When you want stress relief, don't play the classics. That's my personal rule.

So yeah. I think it's awesome. Very fluid and straight forward.
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Welcome back!

I think iíd have loved TRU more had it not been such a fat disappointment to me at release, it changed too many staples from the previous two games (honestly, just having a manor to explore would have seriously dulled my dissapointment) and the story felt like a wet fart compared to what I had imagined up in my own mind.

Couple that up with janky animations and platform exclusive DLC I went in a mood with it, only more recently being favourable to it.

(Also what was with those Ďlevelsí? The walkthroughs are a headache to read)
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Thatís anÖ interesting choice to have underworld as your favourite
Iím curious to know what you think of the reboot series
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