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Tomb Raider
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Originally Posted by Frceghst8 View Post
Well, I never thought I'd hear that someone hated TR 2, but to each his/her own. Thanks Stryke.
I'd imagine that every videogame has haters.
It only takes one person to be right.
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Default To greenapple 968

True, every game does have haters, I'm not mad, that's this thread is for.
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Originally Posted by Frceghst8 View Post
Marmite, I'm not sure what marmite is.
Marmite is a spread made from yeast extract. Often spread on toast, it's a food that is very divisive in wherether you like or hate it, which is why it's being used as a comparison.

I didn't notice this had been answered already. I'll answer the thread question in a mo.



Venice and Tibet are two of my favourite locations for all the games.
Supernatural is always present in TR, but this game went with the wacky and wonderful with Floating Islands (a level I didn't like at first), A freaking DRAGON, and whatever the heck that yeti-bird thing was.
I liked the music on the most part.
The inclusion of vehicles, even if I didn't always like their handling.
The inclusion of the friendly monks.
Barkhang Monastery deserves its own mention. One of my all time favourite levels.
The overal atmosphere.

Dislike/less liked

The colour scheme of the Offshore levels
Some of the offshore levels aren't as bad as I remembered, but it's my least liked locations.
The hulk like Bartoli mercs, just too many. Especially with the out in the open combat scheme.
Love the concept of the dragon, didn't really like the way you have to fight it. I always take the chicken-like hiding behind a pillar approach now, but initially, just pumping it with lead until it drops is a bit meh, even if you do have to dodge its fiery breath.

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Default Yep

Glad to have you aboard Rai. The more the merrier.
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The beauty of Venice and Tibet.

Big and complex locations, emphasis on exploration.

Making the monks your allies.

Many highgrounds to hide from beasts, good for a chicken like me.

The scary atmosphere on the Maria Doria and wherever Yetis and Chinese warriors appear.


Except for 40 Fathoms, I am okay with the individual underwater levels but as a whole, they drag on for too long.

The spider room in Temple of Xian.

The last 2 levels plus a good part of Floating Islands are practically non-stop combat. A bit much for my taste.

Overall, a bit heavy on industrial locations at the expense of exoticism.
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The first TR I played, and probably still my favourite, albeit not by a huge margin.

My likes

The secrets system, of the 3 dragons. Elegantly simple to understand and it was fun to constantly scan the environment to spot them. I'm glad someone made a randomizer to change the dragons locations now.

The sheer variety of levels. I know Tomb Raider started as an underground exploration game, but the more globetrotting aspect of TR2 appealed to me more.

Some clever level design. Venice and Barkhang stand out. Not overly large, but large enough.

The Venice Violins music was great. Also partly responsible for one of the most surreal gaming moments I've had- in the Home Sweet Home Level where the thugs enter your house getting Lara to play the hi fi system you'll get Venice Violins playing while she's in the dark fighting and hiding.

Doing a swan dive into the Venice canal. Pointless, but the first time I did it is a gaming moment I'll always remember.

The underwater graphics effects are my favourite of the series. I know the developers probably thought they improved them with later sequels, bit TR2s underwater graphics are the best to me.

The Temple Of Xian is still one of the most unnerving levels of any game I've played. The background sound effects add a lot to the unease.

My dislikes

As others have pointed out, the underwater levels went on just one level too long. The Deck in particular is absolutely nonsensical- if the Maria Doria is underwater why is there air and a beach?

I missed the crouching and monkey bar swinging moves that came in later games.

And no disrespect to the Lara voice actor, but I prefer the original voice actor
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The voice actress for Lara is Judith Gibbins.

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Aaah Tomb Raider 2, the game I must have played probably 6 times between last year and this year due to reasons I am not gonna get into. It is my childhood game so I do have some nostalgia, I will separate nostalgia to my view of the game nowadays:

Likes: Offshore rig section and Maria Doria as well
Does not like: Pretty much the rest of the game

Must Play: Barkhang Monastery and Floating Islands
Likes: Xian Section in the end, Early Tibet as well, part of Maria Doria, Unpopular opinion Offshore Part
Does not like: Unpopular opinion Venice part is boring, Tibet after Barkhang, very unpopular opinion Home Sweet Home (I found it cool as a kid but now I do not)
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Nice, keep the posts coming people!
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- Varied locations, as others have stated. While TR1 was more purist in the "Tomb" aspect, I can't deny how cool it was to be able to travel to different places in the game.

- Also previously stated, level design. Was pretty fantastic for only being the second game in the series.


Pretty much my only one lol:

- "Aha!" - It was charming the first couple of times, but it slowly gets annoying, to me at least, when it's said for basically every pickup in the game. Thankfully, this is the only game where this happens.

Edit: I will say certain levels aren't my favorite either like mentioned above by others. But on the whole, I wouldn't say I really hate any of them.
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