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In case you're not aware, I have quite a bit of experience with concert photography, so am happy to help.

You can certainly try with a disposable. Like with mobile phone cameras, most artists don't see them as a threat to copyright, as the quality tends to be poorer than SLR's and there is less chance of them losing out if someone wanted to profit from them.

Where are you, by the way? If you're in the US, camera rules are very, very strict and you may have to either put it away or have it taken away. In the UK and Europe, however, the rules are a bit more lax, although photographing certain artists is ruefully restricted to those with media passes. Unfortunately, it seems the artists that have this restriction tend to be American.

If you're close enough, you can get decent snapshots. For an example, here's a shot I took of the Darkness for my friend, using her point-and-click non-digital camera, using 800 ISO film:

I wouldn't say it's my best work, but she was dead pleased with it, and that's what mattered most. We were right up front, with only one person in front of me. And this was a big arena (Sheffield), so it was very possible to take photos, as most fans did have cameras on them up front.

I would suggest to you that you take it with you, wait for the better lights, and shoot away (the closer the better).

Good luck
We got everything crossed for you down here, L.C. - Alex, Tomb Raider 2013
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