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Default What are your reasons for not liking TR Reloaded?

I thought a thread about this would be easier for Ed to see and to pass feedback to the team about some of the things we don't like about Reloaded. Yeah a number of us have given Reloaded some colorful one word replies, but actually noting what some of us don't like could go a long way. Since it's still in development and Ed is the one overseeing everything, perhaps there are some things he could pass along that could make some of us tolerate or enjoy Reloaded a bit more.

So shat are your reasons for not really enjoying TR Reloaded? Also is there anything the team can do to address some of these issues.

(I'll post my own thoughts a bit later)
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I haven't played it yet but I don't see any problem with it. It's a new Tomb raider game and should be treated as such

Having said that I really hope people don't hijack this thread just to say stupid things like ''I don't like it because it looks crap'' and not give specifics
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I haven't played Reloaded. I might try it out when it officially launches just to see how it plays, but truthfully, from what I have seen so far, I just don't think it's the type of gameplay I'm into.

Having said that, I love the work that's been put into this. I remember Ed shared a bit of the OST they composed for Reloaded and it sounded amazing! Like I-wish-it-was-used-for-the-main-game amazing!
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Haven't played it yet, it feels like forever since they announced it...
can't wait to play it tho, looks fun !
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Originally Posted by CheshireBitch View Post
Haven't played it yet, it feels like forever since they announced it...
can't wait to play it tho, looks fun !
They announced it last year in late summer or early autumn and AFAIK the game is playable in some countries since December. IIRC Relic Run didn't take so long until it got released worldwide.
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