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I believe the "shorts" are displayed so often because they are the first item in a table of objects that might be displayed in the level; it saves time to have the most-frequently used items near the beginning of the table. If a bug fails to properly set the item number for the table, it probably just stays at the initial value of zero, which happens to be for the shorts. I've seen a couple of bugs where the shorts get substituted for a burning torch.

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This is an interesting glitch. It really does look like her ass.

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Originally Posted by Delamo1999 View Post
This is an interesting glitch. It really does look like her ass.

Or better yet her breast. I'm talking about the mercury stone.
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That's because it is her ass - the actual ass object as used in the model.
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I've seen this in both TR4 and TRC, it happens when you're on levels through which you can go back and forth and use the all items cheat.
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