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Native German here.

Iím okay with English (much better written than spoken), mainly thanks to English books, websites and TV shows. Also a bit due to school, but all the practice is much more useful.

Iíve also learned some French in school, and I can get by most of the time, but itís fairly terrible.

I am also half-heartedly trying to teach myself Dutch (at least understanding it), just for fun.
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My native languages are Catalan and Spanish

I can obviously speak English as well. I studied French for 6 years and was pretty good at it, but I haven't used it since I finished high school and I've forgotten a lot of it. I would like to pick it up again at some point.
I've been studying Mandarin for the last 2 years. I'm quite decent at it, albeit I've still got a lot of vocabulary to learn.
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Native language is hungarian.
Speaking French and English on an almost native level, German and Russian and some spanish and portugese. Would love to learn greek.

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Originally Posted by robm_2007 View Post
And I took one semester of American Sign language 10 years ago and I forgot it all except some random signs and fingerspelling. It's a cool language! It's the main one I'd like to learn, too bad about Covid because I would love to take classes. I had a vocabulary of a few hundred words and could make simple small talk but now I can only spells things and flip you off :,)
ASL! I also took an interest in it and learned a little because I was inspired by the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy

What's crazy is that the American version is apparently completely different than the England version, even though the oral language is the same
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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post

I also have very basic-level Maltese, as my Dad's family came to The UK from Malta, but not really enough to hold a conversation at all. Maltese is in a different language family, it has a lot of Italian in it, but it's root is actually Arabic. It's basically a reverse-Spanish, if Spanish is like an Arabic-ised Romance language, Maltese is heavily Latinised Arabic. As such I can also pick up some very basic words in certain Arabic dialects, but that's extremely limited, and I don't know the Arabic alphabet as Maltese doesn't use that.
I love Maltese it's such an interesting language. Elements of Arabic with random flecks of Italian and English haha.

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