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Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga View Post
I also hate the fact that you don't have control over your light source or flares neither in Rise or Shadow. For me that was very annoying and a wasted opportunity, hopefully in the next game we can toggle them on/off manually like in TR2013. That game actually did it well IMO.
I'm still at a loss at why some areas were completely pitch black and there was no way to see the route/path without going to setting and toggling the lighting up. And then toggling it back down after. Really really bizarre behaviour on the devs side with this game.
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Originally Posted by trarb View Post
awww, that's a shame, it's too addictive to resist waiting until it's dark -- and then the wife want's the light on!!
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But also can we talk about how the story is too dark? That kid did not need to die in the flood for me to see the gravity of the situation.
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