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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
Not just other fans but the companies themselves too. I remember when Konami were remastering silent hill 2 and 3 years ago and their fans were so annoyed with the change in VAs they actively boycotted the promo and sales of the collection. They also acted really poorly toward the games having, admittedly severe, issues such as no fog but we are talking about a studio who didn't do the original and were making the game with missing code. Its honestly no wonder Konami never bothered with the series much in recent years. TR fans might seem like nitpickers but they're not that bad.
Silent Hill fans went nuts over that, I remember. I remember watching a video of a dude going on for 5 minutes yelling about the signage being wrong in Silent Hill 2’s intro scene.

On one hand, I see his point. Why change it?
On the other, it literally means nothing. Don’t lose your mind over it.

It would be like a remaster of TR1 and someone complaining that Natla’s office is in Seattle and not NYC or something. It literally doesn’t matter.
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“there’s worse” ≠ “not bad”
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and finally the tea has been spilt
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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
TR fans might seem like nitpickers but they're not that bad.
At least a lot of ‘nitpicks’ are worth listening to. Like why remove the duals or braid.

But thats a discussion for another place.
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The overall negativity and toxicity in TR forums is generally minor compared to the other fandoms. I am also part of the Mortal Kombat, Age of Empires and the Assassins Creed fandoms.

Complaints about the constant mommy, daddy story line was downright universal. There are two camps, people who don't mind the parents storyline and there those of us who downright hate it. But I have never seen anyone that was a fun of the parent storyline.

We usually see similar criticisms, more globetrotting, more fun adventures etc.
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