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I thought TRA was good.

Now I think it's amazing, outstanding, gold, a gem.
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TRIII used to be my overall favourite, but in handsight it mostly boiled down to nostalgia. It still is my second favourite classic TR, and my second favourite overall, but TRI is currently my personal favourite.

TRI becoming my personal favourite is also a change. Especially after playing the other classics, it definitely is the only one that really feels designed with both the pros and cons of its controls in mind.

I also used to be on the "only Eidos was at fault for AOD being a mess" camp, but honestly, Core's management team is also terribly at fault. Perhaps even more than Eidos. That project was terribly managed from the start.
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I hate to say it but I've definitely come around to believing the failure of AoD is 85% Core's fault. Production started after TRLR so they had like 4 years, man. They never really grew out of the garage band workflow from TR1, combined with PS2 tech being difficult, combined with perhaps Murti writing down every single idea and Core wanting to include all of them lead to the downfall. (Though I still think they should have been given a second chance, but for business purposes fully understand the developer change.)

I also used to think auto aim was the only way combat in TR should be, but fighting animals in Assassin's Creed: Origins and the way it works in Ratchet and Clank seems more suitable.
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Originally Posted by SnatchingEdges View Post
I thought TRA was good.

Now I think it's amazing, outstanding, gold, a gem.
What made it grow so much on you?

I really like it too, not trying to pick holes just curious.
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I remember being so excited for TReboot 2013.
I thought the trailer with the ship wreck and the island was such a good concept. I wanted to explore and see what this new TR was gonna be like!

Gameplay trailer came out and oof, what a punch to the gut. All my interest faded. Thatís something that changed for me.

Same sort of thing happened with Legend. I was excited to see this new Lara and how she was. Legend wasnít a bad game by any means, just a new take and subsequently was a bad TR game. I remember it fondly, though. I may not enjoy it but it does come back to my brain from time to time. The soundtrack was awesome!
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Playing 2013 for the first time I enjoyed it overall, mostly because of curiosity. On a second playthrough I realised what I was playing wasn't actually Tomb Raider enough to deserve the title, so my opinion changed drastically. It just felt way too different, but during that first playthrough I think I got swept up in the Uncharted style of it (having played those games not long before) so I was enjoying it for that reason. But then I realised how much I hated the hand holding and it became tedious to play it as a Tomb Raider Game.


When I was younger I wasn't really a fan of TR4. A lot of things that I loved from TR1-3 were gone and I didn't like that. There were no outfit changes, no globe trotting, no holster straps, less weapons, no Lara's Home, no ring inventory etc... I also didn't like the fact that the spikes had become more advanced

Then after working with the TR4 engine for way over 10 years now, I've realised how much more actual content was added to TR4. Not only that but they actually did a good job on the story telling aspect aswell.

The story itself is great having Lara accidentally unleash a god and then having her try to fix her mistake but then also adding in a character to make it slightly more personal for her. And it didn't have to be her parents. That's how you do it. I think the TR4 narrative would be great for a AAA title. It has all the right beats to it and would add an emotional level to Lara because of the character of Von Croy, but not in an annoying parental way.

So my opinion on TR4 changed as I can now appreciate how much more content they added into the game... raising blocks, jump switch, ropes, cog switches, better rolling balls, combining puzzle items, picking up objects at different heights, the train level, the laser sight, the crowbar, waterskin etc... But also you can see they tried a lot harder at designing the levels and puzzles themselves and have them make sense to the narrative.
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AoD used to be one of my favorites. It annoys me a lot now.

Used to loathe TR3. Like, a lot.
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TR13 reboot...Found it too much gore and blood compared to previous TR games, but I did eventually like the storyline, and then moved onto the next two reboots, and now over the gore, so do re-play it occasionally.

TR4...Was very long levels and far too many levels, too me ages to get through it, and once finished I found out on a TR forum that some levels had two alternate routes DOH, and had to go back and play them. Now when I get nostalgic and want to want to play a specific level, like Alexandria/coastal ruins, I just use a stella website savepoint to get there fast. Easy!

AOD..The controls were so bad on the PC version, put me off as she kept dying on jumps, but years later I realised I really enjoyed the storyline, so do play it occasionally.

Rest of games no change, all good.
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Another one I forgot to mention was until recently I was against the idea of TR1 getting another remake. I think seeing this made me want it to happen.

One can only dream...

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In the years of LAU, I really wanted a progression past the Core era.

Post Reboot, and I want a regression back to the Core era.
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