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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
I don't think the platforming in the classics were complex or difficult. They just demand more involvement from the player, that is why they are interesting and fun to play. In most of the later games (not only accusing Tomb Raider, which still are better than a bunch) the player is passive in the platforming sections, it doesn't make them really easier but certainly more boring to play.
I am still of the opinion that the difficulty of the earlier titles, at least on consoles, was largely tied to the limited amount of saves and in the case of TR1, the location of the save crystals. Limited saves demand perfection, or at the very least, requires a much higher level of dedication on the part of the player to learn how to navigate the level and use the systems. Not necessarily master - I don't think I ever mastered the tank controls but I did figure out how to use them enough to get through the games.

This is one of the reasons I actually am happy my first playthrough of SotTR was on the highest possible difficulty. It was reminiscent (though not identical, obviously) of the challenge presented by TR1.

If anything about my opinion on this has changed in years, it's that checkpoint systems and save-anywhere options are not necessarily beneficial. If you can save after every jump, every combat, or if the game does it for you, yes, it saves you the headache of having to repeat sections and yes, it you don't have to spend 45 minutes replaying part of a game you may not intend to play more than once. It saves time, and time becomes more and more limited especially for adult gamers.

But limited saves or limited options to save is one of the key factors in determining the difficulty of a game. The mechanisms in play aren't necessarily hard, but having to do them without mistakes or with only minor mistakes in succession over longer periods of time completely changes the experience.

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I used to think TR4 was good. Been replaying it the past few days and I’m already bored and wanna uninstall it.
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I used to not like South Pacific, probably because I always played it 'last' so was just itching to get to Antarctica at that point.

On my current playthrough I'm going in South Pacific > London > Nevada order and am enjoying SP much more! Love the coral skies...
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I used to prefer TR2 to TR3 but now it's the other way around. I used to dislike Chronicles and AOD but now consider them to be half decent games.

Originally Posted by Woops View Post
I used to think TR4 was good. Been replaying it the past few days and Iím already bored and wanna uninstall it.
It's funny you say this because TR4 used to be my favourite, especially if I compared the games based on what I thought of them during my first playthroughs of them. Now I'd say that TR4 is my third or fourth favourite; I prefer TR2 and TR3 and possibly TR1 as well.
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