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American english and only this. Always wanted to learn spanish.
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Originally Posted by Amlux View Post
French is my native language. It is very dear to my heart and needs to be protected here in Québec (a small island of French in an ocean of English in North America).

I always appreciated the fact that Françoise Cadol dubbed Lara up to Underworld, so Lara's voice in French is always the same before Reboot (while in English there were 4 different voice actresses in the meantime).

Nice thread by the way ThirteenCroft, I like languages and it's nice to know other people's journeys.
I'm rooting for French Language protection in Québec I love the way you translate movie/series titles. If only we had the same kind of law here.

Yes we're all (French speakers) lucky to have one and unique voice for Lara from TR1 to LCTOO. She even voiced her in commercials (Seat, Dreamcast...) and now is Angelina Jolie's official VA (for European French dub though)

Originally Posted by wmcintosh View Post
American english and only this. Always wanted to learn spanish.
Why won't you give it a try? There are a lot of free lessons and website
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Originally Posted by ThirteenCroft View Post
Why won't you give it a try? There are a lot of free lessons and website
Something that I should've done long ago.
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Latin so I can muddle through in French (also studied at school for a few years) or Italian. Somehow Spanish eludes me in spite of the similarities.

Picked up some Japanese while I was living there. Enough to go about my job, talk with friends, and manage daily interactions.
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My native language is Finnish, so that. English obviously and a little bit of Swedish, as that is mandatory to learn in Finland in school. I also know Spanish, though it's been a long time since jr high school so can't really talk in Spanish as I don't remember all the words anymore, I understand it enough though to read quite well-ish.

I have also studied Russian, but remember veery little of it now.
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I'm an English native but I speak French and Spanish to a very good level too. I am an MFL teacher in a high school so my knowledge on things like holidays/environment/social issues are great but broader conversation takes me a few hours to get back into the swing of it
... in my opinion.
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I speak English. Born and raised in the USA.
I took German for 3 years in High School which would get me around in Germany if I were to visit, but I fear definitely not if I venture too far from tourist destinations there haha

I’d love to learn French, Italian, and Spanish.
French and Italian are beautiful languages but Spanish I would learn only for the fact here in the US we have a lot of Spanish speakers. It would be nice to have a conversation with them to make them feel more welcome here.
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I talk English real good Took French immersion for about 8 years growing up (been complimented by native speakers a few times ) and Duolingoed Spanish for a good 6 months. I'd like to be proficient in all three, that would be the trio of North American languages

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My native language is Brazilian Portuguese, I learned English 100% on the internet which is really cool isn't it? Although my language surprisingly has some connections with the English one too, and English is a thousand times more easy than Brazilian Portuguese, so it's very common to find bilingual Brazilians.

On the turning point between can't speak it and can, which was when I was 12. I remember being obsessed with a series and I would rewatch the episodes every day, ....all day... So I think that that helped, I paid much attention to the sounds and dialogues. But mostly I was very into deviantart, I would read stuff and even write a lot of stuff in english, and for that I had to translate it from portuguese in google translator, but I took my time to be sure that the translation was correct. Anyway almost everyday I would write and read in english with the help of an translator, I think this is why.

In 2018 when I joined this forum my English still wasn't so perfect, but now I really write and read in English all day, so I couldn't be more happy with it, my talk needs a lot of work tho I do look like a Portuguese trying to speak English lol, but I am practising, and I'm getting there! It is specially difficult with my diction problems too, I was pretty over with it in Portuguese, now it's English.

I have a very serious interest in learning French, I watch French movies sometimes to see if it helps, but I wish I could find a community that could do for me what deviantart and TRF did. I have a less serious interest in learning russian and japanese too, maybe when I'm older.

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Native English speaker.

Spanish level is probably a very vulgar three year old. I never learned how to use past tense or reflexive pronouns/verbs, apart from knowing some phrases that use them. I have a decent vocabulary, but sentences are another story.

I have my bachelor's in German language (as of three years ago - although I think that degree is misleading and makes it sound like I am better than I really am), and got my B1 Goethe certificate 4 years ago. The B2 practice test was brutal! But the B1 test was quite easy.

And I took one semester of American Sign language 10 years ago and I forgot it all except some random signs and fingerspelling. It's a cool language! It's the main one I'd like to learn, too bad about Covid because I would love to take classes. I had a vocabulary of a few hundred words and could make simple small talk but now I can only spells things and flip you off :,)
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