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Message for @Speak81
Have you tried any of the solutions I listed above?

I suggest to try with the right dlls from dgVoodoo. I'm pretty sure the right files are enough to make everything work.
Take the files of the x86 version and copy them into the folder where the game's exe is. Only in that folder. You will know that the patch is working because you will see the watermark in the lower right corner. If it doesn't appear, the files are probably not the right ones.
Do not insert files from different folders (for example, do not copy files from the 3dfx and ms folders at the same time) because they will create conflicts and it will not work (true story).
Once you've copied the right files, you'll never need to open the patch exe, it'll basically do it all by itself

In case it doesn't work, I suggest to install the directx9 and the visual C All-in-one file.

I had also manually activated the old NET frameworks, as indicated in this guide

Finally try the windows-xp-vista-multipatch patch (the file is called trupdate).
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There're only two ways to solve a computer problem.
(1) Restart the computer if it's a small problem.
(2) Reinstall the OS (Operating System) if it's a big problem.
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Another solution to run classic PC Tomb Raider games without problems

I bought a refurbished desktop with winXP at a cheap price on Ebay (around 60 if I remember).
I already had a spare monitor screen, mouse and keyboard. I use this as a standalone computer just for classic Tomb raider games from TR1 to TR5, and also AOD.

Because its winXP, I can still run my other old PC computer game programs without problems, like Beyond good and evil, Star wars Jedi Knight, Sim City, etc.

NOTE: There are companies on Ebay UK that refurbish ex-company desktop computers (mostly DELL) and put whatever windows system on it that you want. They also offer cheap total packages, with desktop, screen, mouse and keyboard, wi-fi connection.

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i did the same reasoning and i had tried to install win7 on a virtual machine. the problems persisted the same and identical to win11.
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