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Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Love it as usual
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Yuna´s Wish
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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Farming the new tomestones, doing again the Asphodelos raids. I can't wait for the Alliance Raids supposed to come with patch 6.1

Training my Reaper too, just got him to lvl 80. I think I'll now raise my Sage instead.

The queueing issues seem to be fading -slowly, but still fading-. Hopefully it will all keep improving.
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Duke Nukem Time to Kill

Only did the first level but it's a decent Duke game so far, it actually takes inspiration from TR of all things (And it and it's sequel actually make more than a handful of TR references), there's even stuff like Duke being able to climb chains and ledge grabbing. (And of course, Duke suddenly has a backpack to store weapons in now, wonder why?)

It still has secret hunting (always fun) and actually has a rather well-done for the time mix of auto-aiming for running and gunning but a decent manual aim-mode with leaning.

Also it actually still has a decent bit of being able to interact with random objects like Duke 3D/other Build engine games. (So Duke can admire himself in the mirror and interact with light switches.)
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Lord Lulu
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Trying to finish up my playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition. My biggest complaint is the game is bloated with to many side quests. Making it hard for my to enjoy the story. As I don't like a quest log full of unfinished quests. Otherwise the game is so far mixed for me. Looking forward to finishing the game.
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Tomb Raider II

Just the Tibet section. No lie I play these levels like 2-3 times a year, they’re all pretty stellar.
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The original Splinter Cell.
Timeless and unique mechanics for a very dated campaign design.
Chaos Theory did it right, this game doesn't deserve a remake. Just reboot/retell it.
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Originally Posted by rewak View Post
Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach

Oof, big oof. The performance is bad on PS4, real bad. I muddled through because I was actually enjoying the mix of Alien Isolation style gameplay set in a bright colourful kids pizza/party place only to hit an absolutely BS puzzle where the game doesn't explain the mechanics of it and actually gives you a hint that's completely wrong and got stuck for hours because of it. Finally got through after someone posted a solution online only for the game to randomly freeze in the next area making progression impossible! I wasn't expecting smooth performance out of the gate, I've yet to see a smaller indie level team aim for a AAA style game and stick the landing, and they have posted saying they're aware of the issues and are pushing out a patch, but come the frack on! There is no way someone actually played through this version and said "Yep that's all good, ship it". I really wanted to like this, and if they can at the very least fix the progression blocking issues then maybe I will, but right now just save yourself the headache.
Sad they released the game in such a heavily unfinished state, but I still luv it!
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Dragon Age Inquisition. Just finished Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts main quest and it is the worst quest so far. It just bogs down the game even more. On the plus side is Morrigan is in the game. She is my favorite character. Her voice actress has a wonderful voice. Keep in mind I have not played Dragon Age 2.
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Hades by Supergiant Games.
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An enjoyable, but far meatier steak of a game than I'd for whatever misguided reason anticipated. 20 hours in and I barely just got the severed talking head attached to Kratos's belt. I'm not worried about the game running out of steam anytime soon as the combat is still only growing deeper and deeper with each new ability (on that note, it sure as hell takes its sweet time to properly demonstrate itself, the first couple of hours felt like a legitimate drag whenever I had to fight yet another draugr the exact same limited way as the dozens before), but I am concered with just how much time I'm really willing to invest in it. The word is a completionist gets through the game in about 50 hours on average, given what the game - and mostly its story - is, that sounds actually mental to me.

It's a technically marvelous PC port, though!

ME1 is improved all across the board, no argument there. ME2 is, on my end, immensely buggier than it's ever been, but whatevs, made it through just fine. ME3, however, is now constantly crashing on me. Lovely. I'm rather glad I only snatched this within Game Pass.

As someone unfamiliar with the original, I'm pleased with how this game looks and plays, despite being a scandalously barebones PC port. However, I'm finding it extremely difficult to get even vaguely invested in the story, and the side quests - or side content in general - is the most generic filler I've seen in years. And many of these apparently weren't even present in the original game, so why by the thousands of gods would they ever include them? Put close to 30 hours into it so far, and I've yet to boot it up this year.

And lastly the early access of:

I desperately want to love this game. It's right up my alley. I'm so close. Alas, I absolutely abhor the combat system. It is, by and large, the slowest, most boring turn based system I'd ever experienced. And it doesn't feel like it has any chance of really changing. It rather feels like this is exactly what they want the combat to be. A backwards evolution of what they had going in Original Sin. Reduce what made combat in OS unique and interesting enough to offset the sheer boredom of its pace, and actually turn the pace further down. Literally everything else is already stellar, and it's only the first act of what's undoubtedly going to be a massive game. One that I cannot imagine myself getting through.
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