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Just give me the Andy Park 1999 comic incarnation of Lara Croft with Judith Gibbons voicing her
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Bow only as a unlockable special feature after the main game, no more heavy outfits, instead lets Go back to simplicity and let Lara look like when really is Free on her moves.
I dont Care about personality anymore, I Just want a good characterization.
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Lets see...

Overall look and face:

I think FearEffect's render is pretty close to perfect in terms of how I would like Lara to look. She's very reminiscent of Andy Park's Lara imo.

I just really want her to have that amazonian look again, tall and leggy.

Color Palette: Give the girl a tan! Olive-skin, reddish-brown/dark auburn hair (though I'm also fine if they stay with brown), brown eyes.

Hair: Long braid. (but not as long as TRLR! )

Outfits: TR3 is a great example in terms of variety. I would definitely want to see the Classic outfit back. But in overall terms, what I think is important is that they aren't all in muted tones and incredibly "busy" (with all the straps and pouches, etc) like in the reboot games. Keep them simple, sleek, fitted. Give her athletic, sporty outfits, explorer-type outfits. No more tribal, cave woman, military crap. Give her some style and femininity back.

Personality: A mix of Classic Lara with Andy Park/Dan Jurgens' Top Cow Lara. Mel's description of "light hearted, fun, witty, sassy, and flirty, yet hardened, badass, and outright intimidating as well." pretty much covers what I want to see again.

It's also pretty important to me that Lara gets the Classic backstory back. It can be revised in some details, sure, but the dead parents drama definitely has to go away.

Voice: Definitely needs to be genuinely English, and I personally tend to prefer it to have a deeper, womanly tone. There are plenty of English actresses that I think would fit the role, but just as an example I'll say a voice like Vanessa Kirby's:

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Alright, I know I'm going to be the odd one out here because I wouldn't mind a bit of complete change in the next game. I want new!

A different type of face

Although I love the Legend face (on the box cover), I wouldn't mind a different fresh look for Lara.

Types of clothes and figure

I'm not into combat style clothing and I like that they put Lara into more everyday clothing in the reboots. I would continue to go that way, so (for example) if Lara wears shorts, I'd like her to wear shorts that are in line with with everyday person clothing.

And if she wears trousers, then the outfit she had in Syria was perfectly fine for me.

In terms of figure, I don't really want Lara to be ultra-muscular, just nicely toned and normal sized - like the one's I've shown here.


I don't want the reboot Lara personality, I don't want someone on a mission to be good.

I also don't want a wise-cracking Bond type of Lara.

What I would like is a character that is intelligent, reserved (but not cripplingly shy and anti-social), daring and spirited. Someone who walks their own path for their own reasons.

And even, she could be doing things for family reasons, it doesn't have to be a bad storyline to have the family involved, I just don't want Lara to be her father's side-kick. I find it lazy that the only reason they have for why she is the way she is is because "she's her father's daughter........" Her father can still be a significant figure in her life who has shaped her but does she have to be his clone? Doing his work? That's not a Lara I want and I resent them for making her that way.

And I don't want her family to be the be-all and end-all of everything that ever happens to her. Make her her own person.
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Originally Posted by amunet View Post
lets see...
yes yes yes yes! This is perfection!
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I’ve shared this image a few times just because I’m so drawn to it. Her eyes are captivating and moody, like they’re hiding something dark behind them, and she has a faint RBF that suits her. It’s the perfect blend of beautiful, dangerous and modern/“realistic”.


I’m all for FearEffect’s take on her body and posture: stylish, feminine and powerful. A blend of masculine and feminine for her clothing is something I like too. Casual, practical, fitting, stylish and a sprinkle of tactical makes for a varied and interesting wardrobe.


This is a good place to start.


Analytical and nerdy like reboot Lara. Coy, playful and somewhat approachable like Shelley’s Lara in TR1.


I think someone new who can really solidify the change in Lara. A mix of Shelley and the best parts of Camilla would be great.
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Originally Posted by Andymy View Post
yes yes yes yes! This is perfection!
Well, thank you!
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