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Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
^ I'm really geeked out that you brought up The Prophecy - it's the one TR game I have, that I haven't actually finished. I should see if I can dig my GBA out of storage...

So cool to see everyone's lists! I'm a little surprised, honestly, that we all seem to agree on a lot of what I would argue are the key points.

Tbh I think possibly even most of us want very similar things and agree a lot more than we realize, we just get hangry af waiting for what's next and misinterpret each other a lot.
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TR1 - Integration of mythology, verticality in level design e.g. St Frances Folly, difficulty of puzzles, Incredible mood setting soundtrack, moments of relaxed beauty amongst the action, iconic classic outfit and duals look, mentality of 'I only play for sport'.

TR2 - Atmospheric locations, Badass Lara, Ambition to use vibrant real world places like Venice and Great wall, vehicles, exploration where you can get lost, use of scary elements like traps, Yeti's and statues that come to life

TR3 - Fully sassy, cool and fun Lara, globetrotting, wardrobe that is unashamedly feminine, boss fights that rely on agility, Croft Manor with Winston and the freezer

TRLR - Scope of levels, portrayal of young Lara

TRC - Side characters that have likability and purpose, Lara in a stylish dress

TRAOD - Excellent storytelling with many twists and true emotional connection, whole dark vibe, beautiful art style that goes as far as the menus and loading screens, amazing soundtrack

TRL - Fun factor, very pick-up and play, incredible outfit style - feminine, stylish and so much variety, the use of humour, varied locations that are all very inviting, time trials, sparing use of secrets/collectables

TRA - How Lara looks, pride in that iconic image

TRU - Acrobatics, Allison Carroll as Lara model

TR2013 - Interactive cinematography e.g. the scavengers den section, idea of a journey of growth, vulnerability and transition

ROTTR - Scavenging, remastering the old like Antarctica skin or Croft Manor

SOTTR - Combat system especially stealth elements, graphics, challenge tombs

GOL - Use of multi-component puzzles, platforming

LCToO - Multiplayer Co-op where each player has distinct role in co-op puzzles, a refreshing pure take on Lara's look and personality immune from realism trend
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After reading all of you guys' posts, I wanted to redo my own hot-take. I was reminded of a couple things - it's been a long time since I played some of these.

TR1: I will repeat myself along the same lines you all have too - the atmosphere. The feeling of isolation is a big part of it, but moreso the balance TR1 struck, finding something whimsical between the eerie and the grandiose.
TR2: Globe-trotting with narrative continuity, again, but also the implementation of vehicles into puzzles, as opposed to being just a faster alternative to running somewhere.
TR3: You know it - Lara's attitude. TR3 was a happy medium, I think, in the Classic Lara spectrum of cool indifference vs. dry wit, which is why I like her so much here.
TR4: Repeating myself - the scale of hubs, and how puzzles often are spread across several of them. I want to see this level of complexity again - only without the one-off/unexplained mechanics.
TRC: This one is hard to express in a way that I can feel satisfied with, but I guess, varied scenarios? I appreciate how many different situations Lara was put into, in this game, and how that kind of kept the player out of their comfort zone? In the interest of letting the player experience all of the game's systems, that's worth emulating.
AOD: I said occult themes, at first - but basically, what I'm asking for is to have supernatural elements back. And, of course, an engaging story that amounts to more than a shallow fable.
TRL: The soundtrack, my God. I was listening to it the other night, is why I made this thread at all - it moved me that much! The mixing of synthetic and traditional instruments is what really throws me.
TRA: Boss fights, as mentioned by a few others. Specifically as they're done here too, since most of these encounters were set up as puzzles.
TRU: Lara's agility. Just add monkey-swinging and we're good.
TR2013: The set pieces. I don't want as many as there were in TR2013, but with that level of polish, certainly.
ROTTR: Replayability. Rise goes above and beyond with the Expedition Modes and the cards, way better than Shadow's NG+.
SOTTR: Social hubs, man. The mission of San Juan had me ****ed all the way up, and y'all know I loved it.

LC games: Just the fan service, honestly. The devs' love for the franchise has always shown best here, and I want more of it in the mainline series.
Top Cow comics: Lara's appearance, y'all. We been knew that this is my favorite incarnation of Lara. I will bang together pots and pans outside SE's offices until the day Lara looks like this again.
Dark Horse comics: I had to have a bit of a think about this - because what I first said about outfits was lowkey an ass pull - but I suppose, the side characters in these comics have been pretty memorable? That's something I'd like them to focus on, if the next game will have Lara interacting a lot with other people.

I have no real preference, as far as anything else goes. Long pants or shorts, dual pistols or just the one. Things that have become convention, such as manual aiming, I'm not going to contest either.
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