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Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider View Post
Definitely agree that Lara is married and mother to her job. I also have always seen her as asexual. So the idea of Lara Croft having a partner and a family just isn't true to her character to me. Depending on which Lara I guess. Classic Lara no way, LAU Lara maybe, Reboot Lara most likely.

But then again Classic Lara is my fav, so of course that's who I want to see moving forward.

But even with reboot Lara, they could use the angle of her not wanting to repeat her father's mistakes. She could go down a spiraled pit of becoming what her father was and outright obsessing over these adventures, but she could be self aware and not put a family through what she went through because of her crazy ol pops therefore staying single.
The thing is the moment you start introducing children is the moment you put an expiration date on a character or even the franchise. You have to start aging them, you have to focus more on family plot points, you have to keep the family relevant, and eventually that main character is going to have to retire or die.

These things are not conducive to Tomb Raider's success. Lara is the Tomb Raider and cannot be replaced, so she needs to remain ageless. We've done the family thing since 2001, so it's time that we get back to old fashioned Tomb Raiding, globe trotting, discovering the lost mysteries of the world, etc.

That is what Tomb Raider is after all - not simply about every aspect of Lara's life.
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Lyle Croft
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I could see Lara adopting children to gain immortality. Corrupted by Sophia Leigh cosmetics.
Not a lot of passing trade at this hour?
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