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Originally Posted by SoraSakai View Post
Since Mario 64 came out they’ve been bad.

In the cutscenes Lara is agile, fast, quickly rolling and flipping acrobatically in fight scenes and across pits.

Then you actually play it and it’s slow, methodical steering and very carefully lining up jumps.
Yes but when you get into the combat it's actually quite quick paced. TR3's boss fights like Tony or Puna are brilliant to show off the controls quick jumping and evasive acrobatics. You can really get very proficient with the special awareness of the environments doing the backflips and sideways jumps. In both LAU and reboot I miss that precise agility from the combat.

Originally Posted by TRExpertgamer View Post
Today, I very much rather prefer to move forward with cosplayers instead!!
With the models there is the role of having to sign stuff and have photos and so on. Yes a cosplayer may be happy to do that but when it's the 50th or 100th time at an event will they be kind of annoyed? I would be apprehensive to bother them.
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Meh, no. Too cheesy. I also find the outfits to be extremely sub par especially when there's unpaid cosplayers that really kill Lara's outfits.
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I prefer what they've done with the reboot so far, shining a light on cosplayers - who are encouraged to have fun and interact with people without fear of breaching contract. Let us fans be the franchise's ambassadors, I say.

As they were, I loved all of the professional Lara models - but they were booth babes, nothing more. Sure, it was kind of glamorous in the sense that it was a prestigious role, and I bet the castings were rigorous then, but...

When the only difference between Nell McAndrew and a talented cosplayer is that Nell McAndrew gets chastized for having a Playboy spread, is it really worth our time? Any effort they made to stay in character was nominal, and the outfits were usually not that great.

Booth babes are very 90s, in my opinion. It's just a dated concept, which I guess the "Lara model" evolved by representing a unique character as opposed to generic eyecandy, but still. Even back in 2006, when Karima took on the role, I thought it was weird they were keeping that up.

Promotion - which is what these kinds of appearances are for, let's be real - is best done by people who are genuinely invested in what they're promoting, beyond the promise of money.
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Just standing there blowing kisses, no.
As an actual performer, yes. Whether it be gymnastics, some kind of speed climbing, martial arts, archery or something like that it would be cool to see a real Lara doing real lara things.
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Imo it's too cringy, even back then. There's no real purpose to me.
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Personally, I think it would be kinda fun. I always got excited when they announced a new girl. The only thing I could never look forward to are those inevitable "Move over Angelina"! comments. Even if a game model & actress are two separate things, people still want to compare :P
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