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To me not important, but they'll include them anyway and I don't mind as long as its not crazy noticeable. I think that would change the character to much into a Jonah Hex type character.
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I feel like her abdomen scar from TR2013 should be faint but definitely there, considering how important narratively that injury was. This is assuming they're continuing with the reboot timeline and she finally gets to wear outfits that aren't bulky tents that cover her from neck to ankle. I don't think she needs a tonne of other random scars though.

As far as her body, the main thing is I just wish she was taller and more amazonian. Some visible muscle tone would be nice but I wouldn't really want her to be super buff, I feel like she's supposed to be more nimble-athletic and acrobatic rather than heavy and brutish, if that makes sense.

Maybe something along the lines of Kassandra from Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but slightly curvier in the hips/thighs in particular.
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I honestly don’t care
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Originally Posted by NYCL@R@ View Post
I honestly don’t care
What if she was covered in scars?
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I think she should have some scars tbh. looks bad ass imo.
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Scars are an absolute no for me. I want her to look model-esque not battered. Some muscles would be okay but it should definitely be a gymnast physique and certainly not a body builder look.
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I love the scars. The scars tell a story and is a part of reboot Lara. I just hope they keep them like it was in Rise and Shadow. Also the muscles in Shadow was perfect until they were gone lol, but I liked the system they had for her muscles when she was climbing and etc. I hope we see some muscles in the next game.
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