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Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
I honestly expected this game to look more crude (for lack of a better word), closer to Blade Runner or even Matrix... was I the only one?
No, I think I pictured it being darker and grimier, too? But I haven't actually thought about it all that much. I think we've mostly seen Night City during the day, so I hope it'll look and feel different after the sun has set.
There'll also be 6 different districts to visit, each with their own style, so maybe we just haven't seen one of the visually 'traditional' cyberpunk districts yet? We've only seen, what... two different districts so far, right?
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Yeah I was gonna mention it might be because of how sunny they made it
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well I'm upset because I haven't seen anything neon-y so far.

Everything looks so predictable.
I understand that it's easier, safer and more eye-catchy to build boringly photorealistic looking environments and character models, than to come up with an original and actually creative art-style that some people might not like (think Crackdown or Marvel Vs Capcom 3) ... but man lemme tell ya: photorealism is boooring.
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