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Well it's not just about literally putting the moves in TRLE. You'd have to recreate them. Fortunately, they can be faithfully created to TRLE Lara by an animator. I'm more than willing to do that - always been into attempting to recreate TRAE Aniamtions.
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Contacting Crystal was in my opinion absolutely the worst possible decision to make.
They don’t even own the IP, they had entirely zero involvement in the game, and Squeenix’s fiercely on message approach to the brand handling of Tomb Raider altogether mean that even if they wanted to, their hands are tied and they have no other choice but to say no.

I believe that it was a really unfortunate decision. The game speaks for itself, to those who are interested in it, and it certainly didn’t need Crystal’s backing to give it justice. Daylight would have been enough. Leaking it online would have reached pretty much everyone who would be interested in it, eventually.
Now, I fear the chances of this ever seeing the light of day are next to nothing.

For what it’s worth, I’ll sign the petition.
If anyone ever else gets their hands on this, please consider to upload it to some random storage site and scrub your name from anything.
Going to go and have a glass of wine now.

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True. Ultimately all that's important is getting a copy of whatever files were in that studio when the plug was pulled, TRAE is the lost Holy Grail of this franchise.

Fans remaking or completing the game from the assets can come later, and a petition just seems absurd at this point. The trailer leaked fifteen years ago and interest in the game never subsided, they already know we want it, and they've already said no. Pushing that envelope further is a sure way to get actual legal threats involved, and at that point releasing it anonymously becomes a lot harder to do.

Just dump the files somewhere and the community will handle the rest.
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This is my concern; Square Enid’s takedowns and brand management are laser sharp. They’ve made their decision over and over and a petition will not change it. Right now it’s a “sorry, no”. The louder the noise becomes the more likely it will turn into “we’re warning you to take down this media from your websites” and then “cease and desist because you’re now loud enough to become a problem”. Copyright claims on YouTube, demonetisation, bans handed out like Oprah on steroids for mentioning it here, who knows.

And the more attention they paid to this, the more it makes this particular build just unreleasable. Especially since they now know where all the media online from this build came from.

I get the desire to make it a playable build, even if that is totally unfeasible in my opinion. But what would have stopped them leaking it online anonymously, and after the fuss went down, making out you found it online and having a crack at it once everyone’s got a copy?

I am bitterly disappointed at this turn of events.

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Yep. They handled this leak poorly. I wanna thank again Ash for getting his hands on this, but from where i'm sitting it's starting to look more and more like he's just trying to promote himself and be know as the guy who released TRAE - that's not how leaks work, you do it silently and you do it anonimously.
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While I love the version we got, I have to say Core made the right move keeping that giant aqueduct in Palace Midas and the outside part of the Coliseum. Why Crystal didnít keep those is beyond me because Iím sure they would have done a nice job.
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it should have just been released. i dont think that SE would have gone through the struggle to find out where it came from. ad fans could have then played around with it and see what could be salvaged. there is no money behind it anyway.

now they know and of course they say no. also what would a petition do exactly. never seen them work. i dont think we get more than a couple of thousand at best. really dissapointed by the decision that was made. gonna save everything before it gets taken down
Hi, I'm Marissa. I'm super excited to take trf's look to the next level.

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To all the people who whine about petition not working: have you signed it tho?
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Maybe guys, if you want something to work, then try to focus on making it work, instead of whinning over and over again that you would have done it differently. I mean sure, seeing you all complaining about them will make them think "oh they're so unhappy, let's give them what they want". Sure.

Ash explained that he thinks TRAE deserves more than to be released as shady torrents. He wants the game to be known and recognized officially, that Core deserves this, and that's why he decided to do it that way. And frankly I definitely agree with that. That would make it possible to talk about it publicly, make it known, and who knows, the community might make it playable, it could bring people from outside the community to do that, or the hype around it might make the ex-Core members release the remaining files to make it playable. But even without that, their work would be recognized and that's already big.
And you know, if it doesn't work, if Square/Crystal says no, that still doesn't kill any possibility of it being released through torrents and everything. At worst it delays it. But for now we're trying to have it accepted officially, and if we manage to get that then it's a big victory for classic fans, and proves than Crystal/Square today is different than Crystal/Eidos yesterday, and that they're willing to listen to their community as a whole and stop with the fragmentation.

So just. ****ing. stop. whining. please. It's completely useless. Just focus on making it work.
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^ amen!
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