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Originally Posted by LGG_PRODUCTION View Post
It should be good if you can export a mesh with textures for Strpix, so that even the ones who still use NGLE and regular wads can use fake UVs
If you've read update description, you should be aware that meshes are already exported with textures. However, Strpix fails to load exported obj files for whatever reason, also it loads exported mqo files, but fails to read materials. In both cases, I believe it is the problem of Strpix and must be fixed on its side. Maybe sapper can take care of that.

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does wadtool have an equivalent to wadmergers switch manager?
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No as I know, but NGLE allows to trigger any animation on Switch Type 1, 2 and 3. You can read more info in the searching "_New Switch 1/2/3" In the OCB_List (On TombIDE program).

So it's possible to have more switches with different animations working in the level than before with Switch manage which worked replacing animations.

However the setup is a big more complex.
- For the wheel animation, I had to import it twice, one is used for the switch on, and the other for the switch off.
- The same I had to do with the button push, although it was already included in the original TR4 animations, it didn't work with the flip-flop switch (So Lara only could press it once), I copied the animation and pasted it twice at the end of the list (so they be together, because TRNG search for the "off" animation in the next animation after the "switching on".

The rest of the switches worked fine just with those OCB.
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