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It runs surprisingly well but the controller set up is terrible. From what I remember to move the camera around you have to be stood still, hold square and use the analogue stick. It makes the game pretty annoying and almost unplayable when it comes to the bit of the collapsing walkways in Nepal as the scene starts with the camera facing Lara. By the time you've turned the camera round there is no, or very little, time to actually move. I rage quit it there. They should have had the camera tied to the directional buttons or the triggers or something. TRA was much better set up on PSP.
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I tried this once, mainly because I was interested in the tomb challenges. But when I played the main game I could never get past the Takamoto boss fight - the controls were just to awkward with the side flipping for me. Eventually I just gave up cause I thought "What the hell? I have this game on pc and it plays fine." So I never bothered again with PSP.
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Originally Posted by Blayer98 View Post
Oh right, that’s a feature normally anyway via Settings (hold down the PS Button) and setting the Right Stick option to whatever.
it doesnt rly work in TR:L PSP b/c you have to hold down square and move the analog stick. adrenaline is better (in theory at least. i don't have a ps vita)
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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
it doesnt rly work in TR:L PSP b/c you have to hold down square and move the analog stick. adrenaline is better (in theory at least. i don't have a ps vita)
Adrenaline is better. As a PS Vita owner, I run Tomb Raider Legend through the Adrenaline shell (which is the built-in PSP emulator for the system from what I understand) and there's a plugin to remaster the controls for both Legend and Anniversary. This is additionally the only way to run Tomb Raider Legend on the Vita as it is not available from the PlayStation Store. Additionally, using the right stick only substitutes as certain buttons, and has no impact on controls. The plugin with Adrenaline is the superior way to experience the game.
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