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As far as I know if you export models from Strpix and open them in Meta or Blender the model will appear untextured in Meta (or Blender) but if you import them back into Strpix they should have kept the texturing.

As for your problem with the model not being displayed properly in Meta: try adjusting the viewport settings.
In the menu bar on top of the window go to View > Set View and then move the perspective (Pers) slider until the view looks good to you.

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Originally Posted by frankky View Post
I normally use STRPIX vers 17 I export the object in .MQO format and upload it to Metasequoia, the object that appears to me has no textures and can practically not be used (see video)


My purpose would be to create faces for objects that are missing, but the object exported with Strpix .MQO is not editable.

I have been trying to put my face on the object for days but without success.

Question: can you tell me what's wrong with my operation and why the original textures are missing?

Hello and thanks
Well, if I understand you correctly, in order to see the object textured in Meta you'll need to export the textures using Textureadd program. Not_again! has explained how to do it here. You need the following operation :
open the wad in TextureAdd, select in the menu bar Edit > Texture Pieces > Export All (you need all the textures as individual images, not as texture page) and save them to the same folder where you saved the MQO file
TextureAdd is here.
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