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Unhappy TRs 1-6

Greetings all.
Okay, here's the deal. I've refurbished an old HP laptop for the express purpose of playing the first games once (or several times) more. I've gotten the games and while i can't play TR1 on dos I have a copy for Windows.
Now the problem. I decided to begin w TR2. It's loaded up and running. Howsomever tho, things look weird. at the beginning of the obstacle course, the vines on the wall to our right are decidedly Blue and lots of white dots. This oddity continues throughout the level. and messes w my perception somewhat.
If anyone could suggest a fix I would appreciate it.
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tlr online
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Welcome aboard. Someone should be along soon with some advice.
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Hello, Welcome.
Are you playing with Software mode? (256 colours) If so, you're better off switching to Hardware Acceleration.
From the description it sounds like a software mode issue.
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