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Default @RocketLombax

Off the top of my head, could you export the MQO file from Meta in a different format that would retain textures in Blender? Like OBJ or 3DS maybe? I have no business weighing in because I know nothing of Blender, but the "import and export to usable format" trick has worked for me in a few different programs over the years.
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I'm afraid I don't have any experience with Meta myself. But I'll try it if I don't find any other solutions!

So far it seems like Blender's updated versions with adjusted Python langauge are the cause of the issues with .mqo importers. Sadly, I can't figure out a way to use an older version in a way that I don't have to uninstall my current preferred version.

Right now, .obj and other formats lose the texturing when imported to Stripx, and the working .mqo importer I've found jumbles the texture layout, rendering it just as useless as the methods that strip the textures entirely.

Heh, times like these, I really wish that the Lara object had separate bones for the weapons like the enemies from TR2.
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it works by Aaron Lloyd, on Flickr

So I've been foolin around with blender, meta and those new tools and i can't believe it actually works.... talk about a time saver.... I still have a lot to fiddle with but i get the basics of baking textures, importing exporting it works but it
a lot of unnecessary rigging. maybe i'm doing something wrong but i'll figure it out. i wish the process of moving lara's meshes was a bit eaiser. I need to fix the texure resolutions because it's a little outdated looking lol
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