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This is such sad news. I'm not sure how to respond to this. All I can say is that he was one of TRF's most loved and funniest members. He will be much missed.

R.I.P. Dan (and many thanks for letting us know Trevor)
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Originally Posted by Mad Tony View Post
Hope it's a fake email.
I'm wishing this is true so he could make an epic comeback.
I just hope the news aren't true.
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Sending thoughts to his friends and family
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Queen Lara
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Tragic, so very tragic. May peace find him at last. I always respected his opinions and witty remarks. Though, I've only known him a short time, the forums will miss him greatly. He will not get to witness RotTR or any other passions he sought. I hope he is in a better place
My sincerest condolences to his family and close friends.
Your memory will live on through us , Spong...
Nothing gives easy. Easy gives nothing. Always darker days before brighter ones.
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I really did not know what to think with the condition he was in.

RIP Spong (if true), am going to miss some of those random chats we used to have
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That's terrible news

I never really spoke to the guy but he had a huge presence here which will be missed. RIP Spong.
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This is very sad news. Rest in peace Dan.
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Well, I never knew Spong all that well, but I understand that he was a huge presence on this forum .

R.I.P. Spong, Dan.
"I keep touching things that i shouldn't, I can't help it" - atlanta73, 2014
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Oh my word... this is terrible news.

Rest in peace, Spong. TRF will never forget you.
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Oh my word

I absolutely hate news like this, and as a presence on the forums it hits harder

R.I.P Spong, my thousands of condolences
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