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Yeah I love the simplicity of it. Anyone got a download link for the version of that model left in the game's files?
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Originally Posted by turneraider View Post
I used Unity Studio to rip the models from the steam version if anyone else wants to try to find them?
Do you know which file they can be found in/under? I just downloaded Lara Croft Go and I am going to try and find them myself, but don't have a clue where to start.
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sorry about the bump, but i managed to find the textures a while back so here are some better photos!

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the reboot one looks very cute !!!
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Well that completely fixes reboot lara look wise. JEEZ Why couldn't we just get this one with good posture and great feminine agile and buxom proportios. It's like Legend Lara refined. That actually screams real Lara in reboot form. I can see her attitude and determination in her mission. And her hair isn't a huge mess.
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