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Default I'm new here

Hey all, my name is Kyoni and I decided to join this forum because Tomb Raider was a series that always interested me (particularly the PS1 games) but never got around to fully playing any of the games.

I remember playing the first game as a kid and was terrified not because of the enemies themselves but because they seemed to pop out of nowhere without any kind of build up or music. These games still terrify me although I'm able to play the first few levels within the caves in the first game because I know where everything is.

I only ever had the first game but then later I got 2 both on PS1, then 3 and 4 digitally via the PSN on PS3 and then I got 5 on PC, not Steam but the original PC release. How I plan on playing 1-4 though is through the PS1 Classic. 1 I will play through OpenLara on the PS1C.
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tlr online
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Welcome to the forum.
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Cat Woman
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A little late, but welcome. Enjoy your time here.
Pharaoh´s Tomb
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