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Originally Posted by Quebsenuef View Post
It sounds like he banked on being a bigger star than he was. I’ve never heard of him until this happened. What are the odds of some MAGA guys knowing who he is, in the dead of night, in Chicago, while also carrying a noose and bleach, looking for a hate crime, to recognize him as that gay black guy from that one TV show they probably don’t watch.
Yeah I had no idea who he was or what he was famous for either, before this happened. I just knew he was kinda cute and gay, and had a silly name.

How devious and for the rest of us, embarrassing.

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Have you guys seen the leaked police report? There’s no way he’s innocent 😫
“She’s innocent... mostly. She killed the neighbour but the bitch had it coming”
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Honestly I don't know how he can deny it, he paid them using his own personal checks signed by him.

Unless they mugged him, stole his check book and cashed it without him alerting authorities for some reason then he is just in denial.

He'd be a bigger person by coming clean and apologizing then he does by denying it and making an ass of himself.
Finally he gets all the attention he wanted all along. He just lynched himself to get it.

Apparently he's blaming it on drugs according to TMZ.... There's no high road and owning up to anything here. He desperately is trying to find something to blame it on because he knows this isn't something people forgive. That just makes it worse because drugs doesn't work that way, and if anything, it makes him even less credible.
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What did I say?

Trumps lawyer Michael Cohen has been sentenced to three years in prison
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Who says Military Drill Sergeants don't have a sense of Humor.

Summary of Video: An Army Drill Sergent had put a trooper through the ringer because he was getting one too many letters from his Girlfriend (FYI: Depending on the Sergent, they will read out loud the letter you get from your S/O to the rest of your squadmates . And if its REALLY Steamy Stuff, expect to do a few pushups Lol!)

So on Meet and Greet day, the Sergent decided to confront the Girlfriend in question and gave her a piece of her mind.
I am sorry for not offending you. Please be patient. I'll get to you shortly.

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So I commented a lot on an Instagram live stream and all my questions have been ignored I was like wtf then I see someone recorded the livestream and posted it on YouTube and I cannot see any of the comments I made... what the hell
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