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Originally Posted by Tsarina View Post
I enjoyed VIII better after playing the Remaster. When I was a kid it was my favorite before X came out, then X became my favorite and is still the best Final Fantasy IMO.
VIII was very focused on the love story between Squall and Rinoa, which I love but at times can feel super cheesy. The love story between Yuna and Tidus and X was a lot more, put together I think is how I would describe it. The gameplay in VIII in regards to junctioning etc I did not like. I prefer having MP for magic, and things like that. I ended up Platinuming it because the Remaster is way more fun to play than the OG. Still a fun FF, but X by far has the best of everything if you have not played it yet. I was utterly disappointed in XV.
I agree! X is my favorite FF game forever and for always! I want to play x-2 one of those days
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I think Balthier is my ultimate crush from any videogame. I'm playing TZA and damn I'm feeling my 14 years old puberty powers back again.
Look at the edges I snatched today!
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