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Alien Covenant

What a load of so boring.

What I want from the next Alien movie is less quoting poetry or referencing some famous book or whatever, less pointless scenes of two guys playing a musical instrument and more of the Alien killing people as violently as possible.

Covenant has the worst line ever in a movie I'll do the fingering, that's an even worse line than the I'm right underneath the enemy scrotum line in the second Transformers movie.

For anyone that has yet to see both Alien Covenant and Prometheus don't bother both movies are a waste of time, if you want to experience what Alien is really like go play Alien Isolation, it's far superior to Covenant and Prometheus.
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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I've been watching The Handmaid's Tale. Finished Season 1 and have just started S2. I'm this far in and I haven't decided if I enjoy it. I must like it enough to keep going, I suppose. I think the main reason is the slow reveal of how Gilead society came to be this way. I don't mind flashback scenes in general , and I realise they have to fill out 3 seasons, but I dunno, there's just something about how they're handled, I found myself feeling more confused rather than beginning to understand, especially in the first half of the series. There are still things I don't understand, there's just so much to learn about. And also, I don't really like any of the characters. Not even June/Offred, the main character. I can sympathise with her situation and the way she and the other handmaids are treated, but I still don't like her, much. And this is important for me, I need to enjoy the characters in order to be fully immersed into the story. Maybe it's the very sombre, even brutal at times events and the way the characters have to be so guarded around each other all the time. I'm going to keep going, may as well see what happens.
So I've now finished watching S3, which is all for now. Apparently there is a S4 starting on Hulu in a couple of weeks, but I don't know when Amazon Prime will get it, which is what I watch it on.

I've changed my mind somewhat about not liking the characters. I have grown to like some and I do like others, like Moira and Luke despite their scenes often being short. I also like Janine, she's such a wildcard. I'm probably over complicating it, but I do think it's how subdued everyone was in S1. It's hard to take to characters when everyone has resting bitch face and talking in low tones. It's just as difficult to dislike characters as it is to like them as just when you think you can't hate a character more, something happens and you have to rethink how you feel.

In saying that, despite this, or even because of this, the acting is absolutely superb. Often the actors are portraying pent in emotions and you have to look out for the slightest of eye movement or a twitch of the mouth. Sometimes the super close-up face shots makes sure you don't miss them, so there's that.

I will be watching S4 when it comes to AP, mainly because S3 ended on an uplifting moment and a sodding cliff-hanger (), so of course I need to see what happens. I'm kinda hoping S4 is the last as I'm not sure how long I can keep up with the depressing Gilead, so I'm hoping events take a turn for the better and the show ends with a happy-ish or the on-trend bittersweet ending, but one that makes it clear things will improve and June will get a satisfying ending to this part of her life.


Stardust, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer and Charlie Cox. I've watched it before and read the novel, but had mostly forgotten the story. It's a really sweet, fun, fantasy. Just magical. The scenes with Robert de Nero were hilarious.
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I watched a couple of episodes of Everybody Hates Chris earlier today. Sucks that the majority of the soundtrack had to be replaced because of copyrights.
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Invasion - Vtorzhenie

Alien ship falls, time skip happens, Girl gets powers during the time skip (so we don't get to see any of that), alien ship decides that Girl is dangerous so she must die, a stupidly long chase segment starts and could have been avoided if she wasn't so stupid to let the Russian army track her cellphone...

It's bad. AVOID.
*Depth* doesn't determine a character's value. How well they fit does.
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If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death

Unfortunately, the DVD I watched it from had an unusually poor transfer. It was like watching an old VHS.
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Zack Snyder Justice League

So, the 4 hour long version that was supposed to be instead of the weird mess that was Joss Whedons JL.

Well it is better than that, i give it that...but thats about it.
Its still a 4 hour long Zack Snyder movie.

It is still not a good universe he created, he still tells a story with characters he doesnt understand and bites off more than he can chew.

Especially his take on Darkseid is a dissapointing thing.
People can not grasp the sheer size of this character, what it means to be one of the new gods.
All Snyder presented was a Dumb Brute, what a dissapointing first impression he gave people.

Anyway...the movie is way too long, you could cut easily 1 hour and still have the same end result.

For Snyder fans probably magic, for me just a less messy Justice League live action movie in a Faulty universe created by a man who doesnt really understand the core of the characters.

Oh and the Knightmare scene was cringeworthy, Leto is just not a good Joker.
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