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Default Inverted pentacle in Peru?

Ok, I was browsing through various screenshots of the game through the net, and I saw something in the Peru level that I hadn't noticed before, which really caught my attention

The fact that it's placed near a church makes it, I.M.O., even more ''suspicious''. So what do you ladies and gentlemen think?
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Sir Launcelot
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It could simply be an old Masonic temple. The freemasons used this symbol. Not unheard of down there. Simon Bolivar, for example, was a freemason. So were others involved in political independence movements.

Didn't you ever watch the movie National Treasure?

I doubt it has anything to do with Satanism. Don't reach there.
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The pentagram has so many meanings. It has both Pagan and masonic relevance. In fact it's probably the Pagan roots of it which get the symbol branded as "Satanic" in the first place, given the Church has done everything it can to demonise and stamp out Paganism.

However, paradoxically the symbol has been used by Christians before to symbolise stages of Jesus' life or something. It's not common, but it's been done.

I don't know a great deal about Latin American history, but I'm wondering if it has some relevance in their culture as a political or even a nationalist symbol? It's a possibility.

I highly doubt it's in there as some "Satanic!" conspiracy. Most things that are painted as such are not anyway.
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Nigel Cassidy
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It's a one star hotel, duh...
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Originally Posted by Nigel Cassidy View Post
It's a one star hotel, duh...

Nah, but i dont think they would do anything referring to "Satan" Could just be a mistake, or just a random star texture?
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Is this place a recreation of a some real-life location?
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The Freemasons have an inverted star as one of their logos, could be related to that.

The texture could also be upside down. Judging by Legend's concept art, the township was recycled from the original Mexico (rainforest) level. Could be a communist star?
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