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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
There is really platforming in the original games ? The reboot totally is lacking about this.
More or less it's easy plateforming
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It would be easy if it were not for the camera. You have no control of it and it intentionally shows you only a very limited view. Worse it features the biggest sin in platformer design: the camera that shifts 180 degree mid-jump.

^ You can not be serious about the spinning spiked/bladed log section near the end being easy. Maybe it is on Easy but on Normal difficulty there's nothing as tough as that in any TR especially if you go for the optional pick ups, which are scant reward for the effort.

The only saving grace is that the start of each optional pickup section is a continuation point. But you still have to do each one pretty much perfectly and if you die afterwards before the next save point you are sent back and have to do it all over again.

Platforming is not a huge part of the game but in certain locations when it is tough, it is properly old school platforming tough. Do not let anyone persuade you otherwise.
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I'd doubt it's a deliberate musical reference - it's similar but also comprised of the same, gerenic-y, middle-easternish kind of music cues that inform a lot of music attempting to sound exotic. Which sounds like I'm criticizing them, I'm really not

Could be wrong though, there's always that chance, but it's likely a coincidence.
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God of War - The Unauthorized TRusical.
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