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Default Issues with bc on PS3


Wondering if someone can help me. Bought a PS3 for Christmas (backwards compatible), so that I can play my collection of PlayStation TR titles. The PS1 games are all working great, but the PS2 ones are giving me issues.

The problem I'm having is that the moment I try to start one of the PS2 titles, I get an error message saying "The analog controller (Dualshock 2) is not detected. Please insert an analog controller (Dualshock 2) into controller port 1 to continue."

I'm using a Dualshock 3 Sixaxis controller, which should work as far as i can gather. I have tried pressing the PS button on the controller to sync. I've tried resetting the controller, I've tried keeping the controller wired. Nothing works. To the point that I can't even exit the game because I don't have a suitable controller.

System software is up to date and the PS3 definitely recognises the games and allowed me to create a PS2 memory card, so it's not a machine issue.

Wondering if anyone has encountered this and found a workaround? Also wondering if the controller is a convincing knock-off (we did buy from ebay) and that's why it's not working...?

Any advice appreciated!

Attaching photos of error message and controller.


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the ps3 cant play ps2 titles
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