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View Poll Results: Do you like Tomb Raider ('13)'s story?
Loved everything about it, including the journals 69 26.44%
Loved the main plot, not bothered about the journals 18 6.90%
Liked it, the journals help flesh it out 96 36.78%
Liked it...there were optional journals? 2 0.77%
I donít care for story 11 4.21%
Disliked the main story only, the journals were okay 35 13.41%
Disliked the journals, but the main plot was mostly okay 0 0%
Disliked the main....wait, there were optional journals? 3 1.15%
Hated everything about it. 15 5.75%
Penguin Pyjamas are awesome! 12 4.60%
Voters: 261. You may not vote on this poll

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Liked it, the journals help flesh it out
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Liked it, the journals help flesh it out.
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Originally Posted by motoleo View Post
^ well the weird part about it was you'd be in the middle of battle and then all of a sudden you're reading a diary :/
No one is forcing you to read the documents or even collect them. You can read them later anyway so I don't see a problem there. And its quantum times better than cutscenes IMO.
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Because the gameplay was so dynamic and engrossing, it uplifted the story - but the story as it is, on it's own, I don't care for. It isn't enough. Next time I'd like more mystery.
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''Loved everything about it, including the journals''

I thought they did a great job with the story when the media that it was written for is taken into consideration.

If the characters other than Lara had been too much more fleshed out than they were I suspect that we would have complaints about them stealing the limelight from Lara. So I think the documents did a great job of adding back story for the characters if anybody is interested enough. The comic adds some more as well. But if people are more interested in the game and don't care about the characters or story they could just skip them.

Also, the journals give a LOT of extra history about the island, the Sun Queen and previous inhabitants (the Yamatai, foreign dignitaries, the Japanese in WWII). The bonus documents that you get for finding all the GPS caches are aslo intriguing and open up a new plot element (Trinity and the Star Device). None of this is necessary to complete the game and understand the plot but if you want a deeper story, it's there for you to find. I like that. Others don't and never will, which is fair enough.

Even the relics add to the story and give more information about the island's history and peoples. So do some of the challenges. For instance, who left the totems in the coastal forest? What are the sun emblems in the research base and what do they mean - are they further elements of worship of Himiko or are they related to the Star Device? Also, what exactly is the Star Device - this is never explained?

Other mysteries or intriguing elements that are left unanswered and could form a basis for a possible future plot include the question of why the generators are being moved up the mountain (you get this from Solarii conversations), who was (or is) the potential usurper of Mathias' leadership (written in a document and hinted at in Solarii conversations) and what happened to Lara's parents? There's lots more.

So yes, I think they did a grand job myself and I look forward to the next installment.

Cheers :-)
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Disliked the main story only, the journals were okay.

The story was very meh to me, or perhaps it's just the way it was presented. Even a bad story can be presented well, and TR's just wasn't imo.

The journals were nice... but I could've lived without them because I thought the story and characters were uninteresting.
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jeffrey van oort
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I've said it in countless other threads. But here we go again.
The environment is beautiful, and tells a story by itself. Especially when you reach the beach and actually see the wreckage ships. It's is very beautiful as well. The environment is definitely the strong point in TR2013.

Lara's Story:
The narrative in the story is good. And I can accept it. Lara seems to be evolving from a girl into a murderess, actually liking killing at some point so it seems as Lara shouts "Run you bastards, I'm coming for you all!" The story is detailed in the sense that not a lot of other games showcase a character development this well. But on occasional events it is very hard to identify this TR2013 Lara, with the Lara Croft we have seen in the previous TR titles. (TR2013 Lara is Frightened & continuously having to give herself a pep-talk that she can do it. TR2013 Lara is also apparently a rescuing angel, but unable to actually save anyone but Sam.) (TRU's Lara is obsessed with the fact that she needs to find out what happened to her mother. To find out she would wield Thor's hammer, and work together with the Queen of Atlantis to get the answers she wants. TRU's Lara is secure and sure of herself, she plays confident, and I never doubt her abilities or her capabilities. TRU Lara is genuine strong, and never showing weakness.) Perhaps it was the writer's intention to create distance from the previous titles as this is a Reboot, but the difference in personality between the Lara Croft of TR2013 and lets say TRU is so great that it seems, or feels to me, that I have been playing with another character instead of Lara Croft. If her family tree wasn't continuously brought up in the main story I would have believed she was just some other woman stranded on an island that just so happens to contain Yamatai.
This is also why I think it felt forced for Lara and Roth to talk about the croft legacy all the time.

I think TR2013 Lara is not the real Lara. Not even at the ending, because she lets herself get disarmed by Father Matthias, while actually trying to take him out. Being disarmed felt impossible, because Lara had slain about 300 other enemies, and even a very large Oni giant before she battled Father Matthias. It also seemed forced to me just to make it look interesting perhaps. Then when she wields her dual guns (trademark) she shoots Father Matthias. Perhaps this is a TR moment in the game, but it felt like the only TR moment as there are no other key moments in this game where I thought there she is. That's Lara.
Speaking of keys, the concept of keys, and puzzle holes seems relatively new in comparison to the old ancient world. It can be assumed that they could have at least locked the entrances of the "Optional" Tombs with keys you could find throughout the game. As it seems the optional tombs are inhabited by the shipwreck crews anyways. It would have added that classic game element, find a key to unlock a door. That I missed.

Lara's Motive:
Lara seems to want to find Yamatai to find the lost fleet. But she never finds it in the game. Lara finds a relic in the game saying that this relic belonged with the lost fleet, only to find out that it was fake and made in China. I thought that was a nice reference to saying that there is no lost fleet to find. At least not in Yamatai. Lara makes no mention of it herself on the island. I thought girl, why the hell are you here again? Due to the events on the island, she might not have found it interesting enough to investigate further into this, but it seems incomplete to me.

Lara's friends:
I thought the friends she is with, make a nice addition to the side characters we have seen already in the previous TR titles. We had all personalities from the previous TR games in the side characters given.

Whitman -> The mentor with a secret agenda (Lets sacrifice Sam, I'd love to see how they hang Sam on a rack to get her fried in a fire ritual whoo hoo.)
Roth -> The mentor aka father figure.
Jonah -> The faithful military friend (Yes Lara you are right, whitman is no good, I'll keep an eye on him with my trusty rifle.)
Reyes -> The real Lara Croft xD (Give me my d@m tools, I can fix this boat.)
Sam -> The helpless Princess (Lara help me Lara, I can't shoot a gun)
Lara -> Mario (omg the princess is in another castle, lets go from Point B to some Point C)
Alex -> The crush & love story (Kurtis? xD)
Grim -> The old man (Winston or Jeeves =p)

Lara's Enemies:
The sun queen Himiko is very renown in the Island, but when you reach her frozen remains, she never poses a treat. She is easily dispatched off with a burning torch. Making this the worst enemy that I faced in TR2013.

Father Matthias starts with a typical friend like Hollywood appearance only to become the main villain in the game. I liked they made him look like John from Lost. He seems to have an obsession for sacrificing Sam. Like TRU Lara, Father Matthias stops at nothing to get what he wants, and he sacrificed a lot of manpower to get what he wanted. The recruiting method was very well thought off. I liked that he went that far to get loyal subjects.

Vlad is the ultimate disgusting bad man. I didn't know what he had in mind but it seemed to me he wanted to sexually assault Lara, (assuming Lara never sees what happens to her if she hadn't resisted.) I was glad he received a bullet in the brain, and I think he was more memorable to me than Father Matthias. Maybe because he was so disgusting.

Vlad's Brother (forgot his name.) You meet him on the remains of the endurance. He is a brute, but unlike his brother he seemed to only care about force and strength. At the time Lara fights him, he doesn't know Vlad is killed by Lara. (Confirmed by the talking scavengers when you head to the endurance.) That's a missed opportunity to enhance the story. I wish Lara would have told him that Lara killed his brother Vlad, and that she now will kill him too.

Oni. These guys are smart and an organized set of Japanese people so it seemed. They shared some undead characteristics looking at their faces around the masks. The Oni seemed to only care about honoring the queen, and protecting her body. They created rituals around this, and it looked very beautiful to see them march into the palace.

Oni Gaint. This guy seemed to be the leader of the storm guard. When Lara peeled off his armor you clearly see he is undead. (Or very decayed / damaged) It reminded me of the Yeti in Underworld. And the Cat mummies in TRA. They made a wise decision to only have him in the game once, to make him more memorable. But I would have loved to see more different kind of supernatural enemies such as this guy.

Scavengers / baddies / regular human type of enemies seemed to have nothing to do but survey the areas instructed by Father Matthias. There was a cabin in the woods with a bed and some deer skins, but other than this, it is a mystery to me where they sleep and how they live. It's not really explained. The only thing thoroughly explained is how they are recruited. Not what happens after they have been recruited. What privileges they get, what they eat for example. One optional tomb was set up as a fishing area, but it seemed awkward to me to feed the whole island using this tomb. I wish they had expanded on the quality of living for them to make it seem more logical to have an island this large with this many people on them living on it. They could have added journals about the living conditions for the Solarii, from a Solarii member other than Father Matthias..
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Loved everything about it, including the journals.
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Oh there are some interesting answers here .

I personally really like the story. It is simplistic and the journals certainly help to flesh out the island mystery, Mathias' intentions and the characters further. I feel that had any of the journals been cutscenes, it could have distracted from the main story. Especially when you learn about WW2 soldiers/intelligence there. Maybe it's the sort of thing that could bee explored further in the film. I feel that Crystal D wanted to concentrate mainly on Lara, after all, this is her origins story, than concentrate on the other crew members. It could have watered down the impact of what Lara had to go through. The journals are a compromise to this, you learn a little about the others in a way that isn't stepping on the main story. I feel if anything, Himiko could have had a bigger part nearer the end, instead of being this screaming corpse. Other than that, the ending was fine and you get a sense of completion. The actual mystery/myth was still fascinating. Though this in one area the perhaps CD could have afforded to elaborate further in the story.

Originally Posted by BigR4444 View Post
Nice job with the options...
Thank you!
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I liked the storyline but the Journals don't bother me unless they are the crews.
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