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Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider View Post
... the increased isolation, the nod to the classic and main Underworld outfit with the default outfit, the atmosphere in some instances, the secret ending, Croft Manor, a lot of this stuff is them trying to pay respect to TRís past in a organic, well suited form. At least to me.

Letís not forget that there is the possibility that they have wanted to do more for fans but couldnít due to time constraints and Squeenix or someone else holding them back. This isnít fact, but I do think itís worth considering, particularly due to the cut bun, the braid, and the unpatched ending.
I agree! They really tried to please everyone with this game, but it seems that some fans just can't appreciate what they are given. They have a right to feel that way and to express their opinion, but it's a little deplorably nonetheless. Like you said Noah, it is well possible that they are being restricted because they do not have a clear idea yet of where to go next and they don't want to ruin certain opportunities.

I absolutely felt the efforts from CD/EM to please us fans during my play through and I'm really grateful to be honest
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I'm not a fan of how long it took Lara to climb or push things around.
You better roll me home.
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Enemies like eagles and birds
Slow crawling and shimmying
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