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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
The front part I can agree with. The pony, though.
That's what I said, the tech is bad but the style is a good idea. There is a fringe but it's nicely cut not like reboot Lara. It reminds me of classic Lara's style, but longer.

Plus it could be tied with her braid/ponytail/bun or whatever and get loose in the action like Chloe in Uncharted.

Also I like the "messy/wavy" ponytail. Lara's hair are way too clean and straight like she's wearing fake hair or just got them straighten.

I would love an hair tech that would make them "react" more to the environment like heavier and stickier when wet, full of dirt/mud or even some leafs on them until a certain amount of time or a quick animation of Lara arranging her hair very quickly.
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