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Will they make another one? Mmm, I don't think so. Guardian of Light was an absolute hit, but the timing played a huge part in its success. Tomb Raider was certifiably stale following the release of Underworld, and GoL was a breath of fresh air. I remember reviewers calling it "the best Tomb Raider game in years," despite being a spinoff. It was unique, fun, uncomplicated, and you could play it with a friend. All around win.

Temple of Osiris missed the mark, imo. I felt that the non linearity actually killed some of the fun. When I played with other people, I found it hard to keep track of my character. Everything was too small. Cooperating with two other players in the same area while sharing the same view was difficult. I didn't feel that way when I played GoL, though. Idk, I think simplicity is key to making an arcade title good, and ToO felt too complicated. It wasn't reviewed as well as GoL and I'm betting it didn't sell quite as well, either.

I don't think Crystal (or some other SE dev) will try a third time. And honestly, that's ok with me. Another game like GoL would be awesome, but I wouldn't want to play another ToO.
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This formula has gotten stale, I'd rather have a more ambitious third person game with classic Lara.
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id rather a classic TR spin off to be honest but I did enjoy both GoL and ToO
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Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider View Post
The LC spinoffs were fun, but idk, I'd rather them make the spinoffs more indie style classic TR like than anything. Give us a simple platformer with good puzzles and minimal story, cartoony art style even. I feel like it wouldn't take any more effort to make vs a top down LC game, and classic fans would be stoked.
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