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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Tomb Raider was never abscent of Combat, it had quite a lot of combat actually. Thing is Tomb Raider didn't have the combat in battle sections. The eneimes were scattered and placed strategically within the level or would appear after a certain event was triggered.

We need more combat, but we need an overhaul of combat because it was just as important as everything else.

Its part of the Reason Tr2's overabundance of combat, while it bothers me, isn't as bad as say, the final section of Rise. (I out-right quit the game there and then because of it)

But because they insist on jumping on the Cover-based train, all the combat HAS to be Arenas, because we need those waist-high walls or we get aim-botted to death.

The combat system literally cannot function otherwise which is why it needs changed drastically.

We've HAD games with acrobatic combat with a cover system for avoiding damage in at least the Dead To Rights series (And it was a planned feature in AOD), but hell we don't even need that.

Just make the combat more like a regular third-person shooter where enemies can actually miss at range somewhat and the cover system is for firing without exposing yourself because it ACTUALLY blocks bullets instead of enemies aimbotting when you're out of cover, like GTA 4 or Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and also make Lara's bullets actually come out of her gun instead of the camera so we can't shoot people through cover at certain angles.

Plus all the other small non-Cover system specific stuff. (Unbalanced special arrows for instance, at least in Rise, Haven't touched Shadow)
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It would be fun if they did what rose did. You revisit a location and there are more trinity guards, but they’re located in different spots.
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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
There's also an issue in the reboot games that, maybe again excluding Shadow but still now to an extent, their puzzle and platforming/exploration elements still aren't fully developed and complex enough. So on those sections where there's no combat, there's not much interesting in its place except for "running around aimlessly" as you put it. There's still more they could do with opening up the exploration a little (not necessarily "open world", but less linear/more complex level design) and more involved grander-size puzzles to flesh things out where there isn't combat.

I do think the games need some notable segments with little-to-no combat though. "Tedious" puzzles and quiet platforming segments are part of Tomb Raider's identity and character as a series, and if that's "tedious" and boring to you, then hey maybe it's not the series for you? Not every game needs to conform to the popular constant third person cover shooter model to be "fun", I hate that idea.
This I fully agree with. I don't think lack of combat is the issue at all. The combat/exploration balance in Shadow should have been perfect for me. The problem I had is that little to no effort has been done to develop the exploration and puzzles into something fun. Remove the combat from the reboot games and there isn't much "gameplay" left.

I also agree that combat should be more varied but it's never been my priority. I begrudgingly put up with the combat in the classics so I could enjoy everything else *shrugs*
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A good balance between combat, exploration and puzzles would be good. And yeah, not just human enemies. Animals and maybe sobrenatural creatures too. Using TR1 formula for these, for example, would be perfect for me.
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I disagree that we need more combat and thought that Shadow got the combat balance spot-on. Shanty town was by far the worst section back in TR2013 so I certainly don't want to go back to that approach.

I would like to see more agility in the combat as particularly in some arena set-pieces as it can feel a very slow crawl forward. Where you have sporadic encounters it works better but more diverse enemies would also give it more freshness. Still if more combat would cut into space for the more entertaining puzzles then it would be a backwards step.
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I didn’t mind the little combat in Shadow, but it was supposed to be the final showdown there should’ve been more. Hopefully they will add more somehow. I do appreciate how they made the AI, a tad bit smarter. They’ll notice when one of their men have been gone for too long, etc.
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Yes more combat! Revamp the combat system. There was barely any in Shadow. This is an action adventure game. I don't want to play puzzle simulator. That would be really boring. The aspect ratio was so unbalnced between tomb raiding and combat.
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I don't mind combat in Tomb Raider, but it's primarily the human enemies in Rise/Shadow that make it boring. We need far greater hazards - whether that's from the environment, animals or supernatural beings.

Otherwise, yawn.

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Originally Posted by AntRaidsTombs View Post
I didn’t mind the little combat in Shadow, but it was supposed to be the final showdown there should’ve been more. Hopefully they will add more somehow. I do appreciate how they made the AI, a tad bit smarter. They’ll notice when one of their men have been gone for too long, etc.
...and still fall for the trap when they spot a dead body.
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Maybe by a tiny bit.
Like an extra 30 soldiers, not more

I am up for more challenging combat. Set up more traps for those fools.
Gun them down; hand to hand combat.

It is not the little combat SOTR had; it was more of the variety that it lacked.

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