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As I posted elsewhere, what I primarily want is a great story coupled with the gameplay quality of Shadow (great tombs/puzzles, beautiful environments, etc.).

I had a dream that I got to play a new TR where they actually had an underwater deep dive hub experience, SCUBA diving with whales eating schools of fish beside Lara and entering underwater tombs (they looked like TRU but hey it was a dream). I'd love to see something like that with CD's graphics, I think it would be beautiful.
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1.) Better animations - All the animations in the game feel jerky, the transitions are terrible and it rarely feels satisfying. Compare how Lara leapt from a lower ledge to a higher ledge in Anniversary to how she does it now. Which one looks more satisfying AND realistic. As well as that, how she holds herself should change, she should stand up straight and look more confident. No more awkward, nervous neck rubbing and hunched shoulders.

2.) Controlling Lara
- She feels far too featherweight now when you control her. I don't want her to feel as heavy as the characters do in Uncharted but she's too floaty now.

3.) Lara's Appearance - I don't want her to look like Classic Lara but I would like if in the next game there's a bit of a time jump and Lara looks more mature. Her hair isn't all in her face, she looks taller and has more of a presence.

4.) A better McGuffin - I want a more interesting artefact for Lara to chase. And I don't want her to be motivated by her father or her family this time.

5.) A different voice actress - It won't happen but I'm sick of Camila at this point. Lara is constantly breathless or sounds like she's struggling to speak. If they're not going to change Camila then I wish she'd play her differently.

6.) More in depth tombs, ancient places and exploration
- It never really feels like you're delving deeper and deeper into an ancient place in the new games. It just feels like you go into some caves, mess around for a bit and pop back out a secret exit on the other side. If you look at TR1 Lara had to go through St. Francis' Folly, The Coliseum, Palace Midas and The Cistern until she finally got to the tomb. If the Greece levels were made using TReboot's formula Lara would complete St. Francis' Folly and land back in a hub area where you could hunt and do what ever else for a while before continuing into The Coliseum. And the entrance to the Coliseum would be at another part of the map through some more caves and not related to the Folly at all. It makes the exploration and discovery feel disjointed and not as rewarding. It also removes that atmosphere and tension that comes with the originals.

7.) Dual pistols - Just give them to us. They're happy to give us a pistol, machine gun and shotgun as well as the bow so I don't see why the dual pistols can't be included.

I forgot one; fewer collectibles and challenges. They just become tedious. Add more detail and significance to the things we do collect. Don't just give us 30 different categories of things to find. It's not fun or interesting. Especially when they're all located in hub areas that we've already seen and explored.

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Most importantly:

Please give Lara back her arsenal of moves from TRU. Jumping backwards off ledges - which, I never understood why they removed that - climbing and balancing on vertical poles, more control on horizontal poles. Monkey swinging, too.

Skills shouldn't render game mechanics redundant, or remove them altogether. Take, for example the skill in SOTTR that makes you never lose your grip on a ledge - it should have just lengthened the window to press the button, not taken away that aspect of the platforming completely. Let me not even get started on Survival Instincts and the multitude of skills rendered useless if you have it turned off, for that matter...

I want "social hubs" to come back, but in the vein of Kuwaq Yaku and/or the Mission of San Juan - small villages or settlements with lots of nature (and ruins, inevitably ) around them. Those areas were by far the best parts of SOTTR, and should be the main format of future TR games. Except for if they made "tomb hubs" a thing, of course.

Hell, speaking of social hubs, it'd be cool if they brought back the accessories from Temple of Osiris (we already have the vestiges, after all) and made them the focus of the trading system - so there would be a greater purpose, there, than to just sell your trash and buy the five or so worthwhile items each merchant has...

I feel like resource scarcity and an emphasis on having to search for what you need, too, would make exploration (and weapon/gear upgrades, which I feel should have more consequence as well) a lot more worthwhile, and even buying resources/ammo off merchants.

As platforming, combat and puzzles go, these gameplay pillars need to blur together. They were on the right track with the Cenote in SOTTR, for sure, and The Pillar to some extent as well. I'm not sure I can put into words what I mean, more than by using those areas as examples. There's so many ways they could do it...

To this end, Lara should be able to use her pistol while climbing, and blind-fire any weapon (except for the bow) while moving. Of course, the enemies and their AI would need some major overhauling to keep up with these changes - but in a perfect world, right?

Other things:

Can we please go back to having just one ice axe? I'm fine with Lara using it as her melee weapon, but I feel like the double axes are just bulky - the only thing they really did was "enable" overhang climbing, but they could just as well do that if they went back to letting Lara rock climb hand-over-hand.

Speaking of which, I want ledge grabbing to work the same way latching on to surfaces with the ice axe does - having to press a button. Manual grabbing la AOD...

I also want rifles and shotguns to become one-time-use power weapons, as I described in another thread, with gear or skill upgrades eventually letting Lara carry extra ammunition for them. Let the bow and pistol(s) be Lara's main choice of weaponry. All this to de-centralize combat as one of the main game systems, although I would still like for there to be more combat in the next game, than there was in SOTTR, and with more flavor. Minibosses, puzzle boss fights, et cetera.

Oh, and make all-new animations for the new game, please. I'm not asking for Lara to become a master gymnast again, just for a different vibe. And please, please get rid of the TRU shimmying animations. ****.
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- Do not force me to wear outfits I don't like.

- No more family drama.

- Don't zoom in on Lara when she's inside buildings.

- No more lost civilizations, please, although I love the Yaaxil.
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Agree on all of this except Camilla. Until the game gets rebooted again, I want Camilla to remain for the sake of cohesiveness.
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enemies with impeccable style like this. yes i'm talking about those shades
bonus points if they all have haircuts like this

but, in all seriousness, give me:
dual pistols
more tombs. all the tombs. make them in-depth. thank u, next
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Originally Posted by CosmoCroft View Post
5.) A different voice actress - It won't happen but I'm sick of Camila at this point. Lara is constantly breathless or sounds like she's struggling to speak. If they're not going to change Camila then I wish she'd play her differently.
didn't Camila confirmed herselfs that she's not going to voice Lara anymore?
She said that on an interview a few days after Shadow's release
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Originally Posted by Ruu11 View Post
didn't Camila confirmed herselfs that she's not going to voice Lara anymore?
She said that on an interview a few days after Shadow's release
She didn't say anything as definite as that. I can only paraphrase, but she said something along the lines of, she felt she'd gotten as much out of the character as she could, with Lara's origins complete, having put her all into the role over three games (it's her longest running character so far, 8-10 years or something). I believe she mentioned that during Shadow, she felt the role was very draining emotionally. This may seem like she was saying she was done, but who knows, CD/EM could persuade her to continue if they want and she may be interested in what the character and story has to offer in the future. It didn't seem to me she'd rule out the chance again if offered.
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If she does ultimately leave, I would love for them who's lived in England a lot longer than Camilla. Something holding back Camilla was the fact she grew up in America. At times her accent didn't feel as natural.
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Lara's fun and witty personality, more curves than in the last couple games, dual pistols, more fast-paced and adventurous feel, fun platforming, and overall just a bit more of the classic Lara all around.

Would work today too, it's a timeless character to work with. And in general, on the curves thing, not trying to be controversial, but if there's a major character representing the curvy body type while being badass and well realized, might as well be Lara. And that can work in any art style, not just cartoony, but I know her look is often a full topic on it's own.

I think a bit of what Legend was trying to do would work, just trying to give us a varied, fast-paced, fun and stylish adventure. But with even better level design and production values today.
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