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Default Identity and trademarks of the next TR game

What should stay, modified or completely changed in your opinion ?

Here a list of what the reboot era is known for :
  • Logo
  • Main music theme
  • Survival theme
  • The bow
  • The axe(s)
  • Fire camps
  • One main location
  • Semi open world
  • Hubs

As for me :
Globally I want the next game to feel very new but still feel like a sequel (so no complete reboot) and I think what I suggested would reflect that.
Logo : almost the same but with a twist, maybe like TRU did to the 2000's logo, if you get the idea.
Main theme : I want something new and recognisable who will fit a more mature Lara.
Survival theme : I think this is something that should stay unique to the origins trilogy, so no come back for me.
The bow : Still be in Lara's arsenal but would not be her signature anymore. So not featured in cover arts and render for instance.
The axe(s) : I want it to stay but not put in the forefront like before. As an idea, I would like that climbing could be mostly done with hands but some structures could be impossible for Lara to climb she must used her axe(s).
Fire camps : Don't want them to return, I want a new system, whatever it is levels, semi or not open worlds.
One location : I would like globetrotting back so no but if not could be next doors locations.
Semi open world : As said before, globetrotting but I'm not against full open world if done right. I think I just don't want in between.
Hubs : I would like them to stay but with a twist. No more exclusive to wilderness, could be a big tomb. I appreciate the attempt to social hub but I find the result was underwhelming. It's very very very important for me that hubs should always feature enemies, puzzles and platforming in one place. No aspects left behind please !

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I mainly want Lara back. That's the most important identity of the series and it's been completely missing from the reboot era. It needs more than ever to find it's way back to it's own identity, embrace what it used to be, and bring Lara back. Lara Croft is the trademark of Tomb Raider after all.
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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
What should stay, modified or completely changed in your opinion ?

Here a list of what the reboot era is known for :
  • Logo
  • Main music theme
  • Survival theme
  • The bow
  • The axe(s)
  • Fire camps
  • One main location
  • Semi open world
  • Hubs
I want the bolded to go away completely . No skill trees as well please , they were perfect in TR2013 but that's about it . I got annoyed by them in Rise but at least you get the chance to actually use many of the skills , but then Shadow bloated them even more yet they still felt like a whole bunch of nothing since there aren't that much opportunities to benefit from them thanks to the lack of combat . Better ditch them completely from now on .

I like the logo , bow and axes , and I'd love the main reboot theme to remain for consistency's sake (and it's a really beautiful and recognizable melody regardless , thanks Jason Graves !) . Hubs can stay but they need to be incorporated in a globe-trotting system and have a mixture of everything : mandatory puzzles , collectibles and combat (think of Kitezh like I said in my thread) and please no "living with culture" thingy and no ridiculous amounts of NPCs , just Lara Vs the hub .
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Originally Posted by Legends View Post
I mainly want Lara back. That's the most important identity of the series and it's been completely missing from the reboot era. It needs more than ever to find it's way back to it's own identity, embrace what it used to be, and bring Lara back. Lara Croft is the trademark of Tomb Raider after all.


Logo : Umm, it's cute I guess
Main theme : I'd love it if they re-worked the old Lara's theme into a new theme song somehow. Update something iconic instead of insisting on something totally new.
Survival theme : It's had its moment and I don't think it needs to continue for a TR game.
The bow : Pretty much what OP said. I'm not anti-bow but I want her duals to return as the signature weapons because nothing says "Lara Croft" like them.
The axe(s) : They can stay, I don't really care for them either way but I don't have a problem with them being there
Fire camps : Same way I feel about the axes. It might be a bit odd seeing random fires in the middle of a tomb but I'm not really against it. They could even make the fires look like ceremonial furniture or something.
One location : I would like to see 2-4 in one game, but they don't have to be super even and formulaic the way the locations were in the classic games. It's ok to have a short level in one country and then significantly longer ones in others.
Semi open world : I do not want TR to go full open world, just because I don't like the super railroad linearity of the Reboot games that doesn't mean the complete opposite logical extreme is the answer. I'd like an updated approach fairly inspired by the classic games, which leads me nicely to...
Hubs : What I liked about many of the classic levels is that some were basically just a series of very small hubs that connected to eachother. That is what gave many of those levels a complexity, where it wasn't exactly open but it wasn't strictly linear either, and it wasn't always immediately clear what to do and where to go. Some hubs can be larger than others, there's nothing wrong with a big huge hub if it feels purposeful and not really empty, but I think a focus on many smaller connected hubs, as opposed to huge hubs with strictly linear side-areas, is better. Bigger is not always better, and I feel like it's just been done to say "because we can. Look how impressive this HUUUGE hub looks!" as opposed to actually making it fun to play.
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Okay let's try the list then

Logo - stay
Main music theme - completely change - Reboot's attempt at a theme hasn't worked at all. It's not memorable. Working Nathan's theme in would be massively better
Survival theme - stay so long as Lara gets the chance to enjoy herself and scale of tombs isn't restricted
The bow - stay but only if alongside duals. If it's is an either or then duals over bow.
The axe(s) - Neutral The axes don't really care about as long as they don't conflict with duals return.
Fire camps - Modify - no monologues and less upgrade system
One main location - completely change - Globetrotting worked better to bring more variety
Semi open world - Modify - More sections of linear but highly intricate level design including verticality
Hubs - completely change - I think the level system worked better to make area's more definable. A large amount of time is put into creating these hubs but it would be better put into linear or linked areas rather than social spaces

If we are talking about TR and trademarks then to add would be the duals (obviously), classic outfit plus overall more stylish outfits and sense of humour. I think Manor should be on list even for reboot Lara though I prefer it more with relaxed rather than nightmare take.
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Bring back the Dual Pistols

Logo: I would like a slightly altered logo, but only slightly of the current logo. Basically what the Tomb Raider the last revelation logo is compared to the previous logo from the first three Tomb Raiders.

Main Music Theme: Keep the Reboot theme in some instances BUT Remixed with Lara's classic theme or alternatively make that Lara's theme variant, Lara can have two themes. Nathan Mccree's Theme needs to be back, I'm sorry but it's the truth. I do not want them to discard Lara's reboot theme music though, bc it sounds cool just rearrange it with the classic theme as it was meant to be.

Survival Theme: Mehhh I don't know... this seems boring by now. Focus should be on traversal, platforming, puzzle solving, combat and exploration. Adventure should be the theme.

The Bow: It can stay ONLY if the Duals return. If not then throw it in a garbage can and burn it with crimson fire.
The Axes: I loved the Axes BUT if they can not be placed anywhere in Lara's body bc the Dual Pistols will replace their space then I will gladly say bye bye to them since Lara can climb with her bare hands now that she is stronger. They will always be a symbol of Lara's origin though, and I will remember them like that.

Fire Camps: I guess this needs modifying, I do not like this pointless upgrade system, get rid of it.
One Main Location: Bring back Globetrotting, being restricted to only one main location is very boring and kills the series's magic.
Semi Open World: I would like more linear levels like in the older games but I guess Shadow did ok in this regard.
Hubs: Make hubs like they were in Tomb Raider the last revelation. The exploration there meant something and was absolutely crucial to progress, it was a joy to be there bc you actually wanted to explore every space around the coastal ruins in Alexandria, the player never felt restrained, you could tell it was designed carefully. Unlike Paititi.
Bring back the Dual Pistols

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  • Logo: Stay. I like it.
  • Main music theme: Also stay because I also like it, but I want the old theme back as well. They could work as the old theme being the franchise theme and the new one Lara Croft's theme. Kinda of like Metroid has a different theme for the franchise and for Samus herself. Or how the main Zelda theme is about the franchise and Link, while Zelda the character has Zelda's Lullaby has her personal theme.
  • Survival theme: there was also something of survival themes in Tomb Raider as a franchise, so yes. But it shouldn't be the main focus. Let Lara be a Tomb Raider for fun.
  • The bow: Stay, but the Duals should definitely come back.
  • The axe(s): Definitely stay. I like them, especially as they have both climbing and melee possibilities.
  • Fire camps: Indifferent, really. Depends on what kind of game they want to make next.
  • One main location: Sort of indifferent. It's nice to have more than one main location, but I feel like it also shouldn't come at the expense of the story. Especially if they go the monomyth route like in TRI, TRIII, TRL and TRU. TRI and TRL used it well, the others didn't.
  • Semi open world and Hubs: Put these together because they are very interlinked. And I want both to stay, but their design philosophy has to change. Because right now the exploration of those small open pockets isn't really essential to really progress the story, but it should. Return to the smaller, yet more complex hubs from TReboot, make them more interconnected, and make them work like environments in Metroidvania games work: continuous exploration of those hubs to progress in the story. And yes, tombs should also be hubs, and while I think it was an important experiment to make, I don't feel like social hubs are a good fit for Tomb Raider. Maybe just a small area in only one hub (like the expedition site of the starting hub), but not like SotTR, where of the four hubs we had, three were social.
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Logo: Iím fine with the logo and I enjoy the simplicity of it.

Main Music Theme: I like the route thatís been taken with the reboot theme and they should stick with it.

Survival Theme: not a big fan of survival elements and the ones used are not really impactful I do like the crafting mechanic and I think it should stay.

The Bow: Iím down for having it as an optional wepon but I want something g new and als some variety in combat and exploration abilities (Rope arrow everything).
The Axes: Iím tired of the axes and theyíre too bulky Iíd prefer if she used a piton or something like that to move on craggy walls.

Base Camps: Iím fine with camp fires being like pit stops but Iíd like something other for main locations like an actual camp or a hut or something like that.
Semi Open World: I hope we go full open world I know itís not best for pacing or story but it gives a whole world to explore and can have tons of secrets, optional stuff, side quest. That can make the game last much longer and feel more fun.
Hubs: I want something else it all feels very walled in and forced to go one way and isnít very fun for replay ability after a while you know where everything is and if you go this way youíll hit a wall and if you go that way youíll hit a wall.
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Logo : Should stay, and follow the current pattern. I like it.

Main theme : I'm fine with either what we've been getting, or with a rework of the classic theme.

Survival theme : Should definitely stay. It's what I love the most.

The bow :
Should stay as well. I ADORE playing with bows. The duals can come back, but the bow should definitely stay. I'd like more focus on the bow combat, allow melee with it - basically take inspiration from Arrow, the tv show.

The axe(s) : Stay, of course. They are the duals of the reboot era. I can't see Lara without them, and they add a lot to transversal.

Fire camps : I want them to stay, but the skill trees not so much. They should make them simpler.

One location : I don't mind staying, or globetrotting. As long as it's beautifully made I'm okay,

Semi open world : Yes. I like it. Just no more Paititis please. Paititi is too much, and unnecessary.

Hubs : Should stay. It's a trademark of the reboot era. Hubs in the likes of San Juan, and I'll squeal with happiness
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Logo: I think this will stay or be slightly modified. The whole red and white thing seems to have been a major push at SE in general with other franchises adopting it and then modifying it slightly too. I do hope they drop the 'of the tomb raider' titles and just have a normal subtitle again though.

Main themeI'd love for them to bring the classic theme back: it's just so memorable and emotive. Plus, they could mix the classic theme and the reboot theme together because it's be proven before that it works by ThatNorseChick

Listening to the TR suite lately the music is just amazing with lots of oomph and and I'd like more of that as it's been lacking incredibly. I mean, imagine playing a cinematic moment or exploring a crumbling tomb with music like this playing in the background

The Bow Should stay but like others have said it should be just one of Lara's options. We're done with the survivor trilogy now I feel like the bow taking a back seat would be symbolic of her progress to a more confident combatant. The classic coloured clothes and gloves made a comeback in Shadow I'd like to see the backpack and duals return next.

The axes These should go. I've never liked them. They can't be used as in as versatile way as Lara uses them. I feel like Lara should hone her skills more as a free climber and use pitons instead of the axes when she needs tools to help.

Fire camps Should go. I feel like the whole behind the scenes system needs to go; camp fires, weapons upgrades, skills upgrades etc. I think it would be nice to see the backpack make a return in the next game and when it's safe Lara can take this off her back which will bring up an expanded inventory screen with any necessary options/ documents sub menus etc. The game could save automatically each time you open the backback hence providing the set point checkpoint system we have now for the endurance type modes.

One location Providing there is diversity in locations I don't mind one location. I feel the reboot handled this best but Rise and Shadow were far too samey. TR4 was all in Egypt but the locations varied so it didn't notice as much. I do think it would be nice to use Croft manor as a hub to choose your next destination from though ŗ la TR3.

Hubs/open world The hub system is bound to remain and I don't want it to go any bigger than it currently is. A definite no to any sort of open world. Not every game needs to be open world and I am fully confident that it wouldn't be done properly in TR. I actually feel TR needs to take a leaf out of Uncharted 4's book and have more focused areas of platforming rather than just loads of pointless open space. Shadow made moves towards this and I hope it carries on. But the premise of the hubs needs to be re-thought out.

The tombs need to be the sprawling hubs with puzzles and platforming whilst the towns/forest can be smaller areas with people and story progression etc.

Imagine lots of levels like St Francis Folly, Palace Midas, Coastal Thailand and Mexico as the hubs with areas like San Juan's missin, Cozumel and smaller town/forest/desert hubs making up the more story focused and linear aspects. Currently it's the reverse and I don't think it should be.
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