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He's alive...
His life isn't only about doing TRNG, he can take break, so even if he doesn't show for longer time, I would understand that.
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Originally Posted by Ado Croft View Post
Do you know what happened to Paolone?
I visit this thread every day, and here are not any information about him
He wants to release TRNG
So I'm guessing he is either taking a break (he was quite busy trying to fix bugs in or he is indeed working on finishing up

I'd love to start using but Paolone has already done so much for us. Give the guy a well-deserved break if that's what he's doing right now.
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.
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Ado Croft
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I agree with you, he can take a break
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Paolone, if you read this, then here's another, serious TRNG bug:

TIMER_FIELD trigger, choosing negative timer number: it can be saved in PRJ, but it will crash Level Editor when outputting WAD.
TIMER_FIELD with positive timer is OK.
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