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Thumbs up TR3 Graphics are Ahead of it's Time

There are a lot of effects present in TR3 that you don't even see in current gen, PS4 games! Bearing that in mind, it's impressive that a 1998 PS1 game developed in a year features:

Water surface ripple rings when running, wading or lapping through water.
Air bubbles which rise to the water surface to create a ripple ring.
Shell casings that bounce off onto the ground.
Footprints left behind in sand and mud.
Echo filter for SFX in certain areas.
Different footstep sounds to match the surface tread.
Up to 3 harpoon spears that stick in walls shot at, at one time.
Underwater blood clouds.
Visible breath in cold areas.
Hair blows in the wind and floats in the water.
Exploding limbs enflamed.

...Those are the main ones. I think TR3 deserves a bit more recognition for it's raw technical proficiency.

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I thought i was the only one who believed that
Yes, all those features impressed me when I first played the game, and still.
This turned TR3 my favorite of the classics
Don't Tread on Me.

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TR3 managed to have rain. Something Shadow could not do in a specific section of the game...
Just think. You wouldn't be needing those unsightly weapons anymore. :)
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You know, the best thing what I love for TR3, is the early stages development. I know there's a lot for me to list with all the details about but I'll name 1 at least. The beta sound fx. And I'm interested in getting trained in how I can just apply the beta sounds into the final build for the MAIN.SFX file for the pc version of the game of course.
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That's why it's the best of the classics with TR4
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I agree, TR3 did a lot to create a feeling of immersion for the player. Those things you mentioned might be considered details, but they really subtly add so much to the experience of the game.
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Compared to almost any other game of the same period TR3 was cutting edge.

You have to go to the highly praised but more cartoony and therefore featuring much less textural detail, Legend of Zelda games: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask to see better(?) graphics. But when you think about what TR was trying to do: create believably real locations in three dimensions, I'd argue it is difficult to think of any game which did that as well at the time even those two.

I was thinking about Shadow Man, Soul Reaver and also the often open world Tenchu games and with the exception of Soul Reaver they're all graphically and/or technically inferior in comparison.

Shadow Man's scale and ambition were praiseworthy but you can not ignore that it is a litany of technical failures. Even on PC it is dog ugly, the animation crude and frame rate variable. Over ambitious for its time and crying out for a modern remake with those problems fixed.

Conversely TR3 was clearly made by people who understood the limitations of the platforms they were designing for at the time so the game works or at least remains playable within those limitations, throughout.

I've always liked that.

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Ahead of its time in 1998, games have had those effects doe the most part since PS2, and definitely improved on during Ps3/360 games.
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Tomb Raider
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I noticed this round the era of LAU. I found it really funny TR4, a more memorable game in my memory, had all these effects but LAU didn't.
... in my opinion.
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The graphics of TR3 is certainly ahead from that period.
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