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Default The tomb4 project

Hi everyone!
Today I am announcing a little project that I, along with ChocolateFan, have been working on, a few knew this day was coming already, and here it is! the tomb4 project! (in all lowercase).

just like tomb5, it is a decompilation project that, first and foremost aims to document and preserve the original source code and assets of the game, and secondly, aims to provide bug fixes and gameplay improvements in many sections of the game.

We are fully open source, and our code can be used anywhere under the aforementioned license in the repository, along with credit

Full credits:
  • Troye (myself) - Main programming and decompilation effort, project leader.
  • ChocolateFan - Huge contributions to decompilation, fixes, and new features. A cornerstone of this project.
  • Arsunt for his TR2Main, zdimension and Gh0stblade for their tomb5 decompile.
  • Dominik for fix ideas and help.

alright, now the fun begins

Check out the changelog for the full list of fixes and additions! Highlights include fixed Uzis/Revolver holster bug, Fix grenade damage on Lara (hint: doesn't break the losing path after Senet ), subtractive blending for better effects (black smoke, etc.), PSX bars, and much more!

a little bit on the discord rich presence:

Time Taken is the full game timer, from the pause menu!
Every level has its own picture, and the if you hover over the little circle, you can track Lara's health!

But Troye, how do we get all this!
I got you covered just have a quick read of our using guide for a little guide on how to install for the first time, and updating later on
The guide also shows off the newly added options menu for a bunch of customizable stuff:

If you have any questions about any fixes/additions, feel free to ask, and if you happen to cross any bugs, or have any feedback/suggestions for us to fix next, please don't hesitate to let us know! All feedback is appreciated, and Happy Raiding!

Here are a few more screenshots...

I like cats

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OMG Troye you goooooo!!

I love everything
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Congrats on achieving yet another fantastic project! I just know that all the love and care being put into this will amplify the greatness of Tomb Raider 4 even more. I'm so excited to try out this new experience! <3
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Wow!! I didn't expect this to be released this soon! Congrats on the release Troye and thank you so much for helping to make TR4 that much better!

Also, just wanted to mention that just like for the tomb5 project, I've added a link to this thread and the release page on TR4's PCGamingWiki page so even more people can find it.
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Wolf 7
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Great news!! It is so cool seeing many of these projects coming up recently :3
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Omg Troye please have my babies!!! AMAZING! Thank you!!
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Incredible. Thank you for this amazing gift to the community.

Originally Posted by .snake. View Post
Omg Troye please have my babies!!!
I won't let this happen.
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Tomb Raider
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I thought u was gonna rename it to tomp4

gorgeous bby
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God is real and their name is Troye
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