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Arrow Epic Battles Between Our Enemies And Allies

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnoe4yqMm6E

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJge1OeKKMY

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIOwJDQGiAg

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUDICeudK6o

There are a lot of enemies in the Tomb Raider series, and a handful of allies too. In these videos we see our allies battle against our enemies, as well as seeing enemies fighting fellow enemies.

The focus of the first video is on the monks and gunmen in Barkhang Monastery. It's well known that the monks and gunmen go after each other in this level. The monks are armed with spears whereas the gunmen dressed in brown are armed with an Uzi-type gun and the gunmen dressed in blue are armed with a Revolver-type gun. I wanted to produce a few epic battles between the monks and gunmen to see how things would turn out and who would come out on top. I started off with one monk against seven brown gunmen, and it was the monk who won. For what it's worth it was an absolute certainty that the monk would win. The monks are completely invincible against the brown gunmen, and so the monk would've won regardless of whether he was against seven of those gunmen or even seven million of them. It was then seven monks against seven mixed gunmen (3 blue gunmen and four brown gunmen) and it was the monks who won. That was followed by twelve monks against twelve mixed gunmen (six blue gunmen and six brown gunmen) and victory went to the monks again. Next was three blue gunmen against eleven monks, the gunmen put up a good fight but it was the monks who were victorious once again. I finished with three monks against thirteen mixed gunmen (six blue gunmen and seven brown gunmen) and the winners were the gunmen that time, although the monks fought well.

In the next video we focus on the Soldiers and dinosaurs in Crash Site. It's well known that the Soldiers go after the raptors, and the raptors go after the Soldiers. It's less well known that the Soldiers also go after the T-Rex, the raptors go after fellow raptors, and the raptors and the T-Rex go after each other. In this video I wanted to see how the Soldiers, raptors and T-Rex fared against each other in battles. I started with two Soldiers against two raptors, and it was the raptors who came out on top. That was followed by one Soldier against the T-Rex. It was a time consuming battle but the Soldier eventually won. Unless I'm mistaken I don't believe that the T-Rex goes after the Soldiers, and so it presumably would've been impossible for the Soldier to have lost. Next it was three raptors against the T-Rex, and victory went to the raptors. Then it was a group of raptors against each other. Unsurprisingly, the raptors both won and lost. I finished with one raptor, one Soldier and the T-Rex going against each other in an all against all. The raptor got killed whereas the Soldier walked away and the Soldier and T-Rex then ignored each other. I guess that the T-Rex and Soldier drew whereas the raptor lost. The small green dinosaurs only seem to go after you and don't seem to get preyed on by the Soldiers or any of the dinosaurs, so they couldn't be involved in any of the fights.

In the third video we focus on the prisoners and MP guards in High Security Compound. There are nine prisoners in this level and twenty MP Guards, if we include the two dogs. The prisoners tend to fare well against the enemies throughout the level, with the exception of the one prisoner near the end of the level who is massively outnumbered by the enemies. By this stage you have weapons yourself, and so you don't have to rely on the prisoner to do all the killing. I thought it would be fun to upload a video where the one prisoner at the end of the level single-handedly kills all of the enemies that he can physically kill. There are a potential of twelve enemies in total. Two of those enemies are off limits to the prisoner, meaning that there are ten enemies who he can get his hands on. In this video the prisoner goes up against all ten of those enemies and kills them all. He does have a bit of help from me with me weakening some of the enemies first and trying to distract them so they don't get too many shots at the prisoner. None the less, I think that this was a job well done by the prisoner.

In the final video we focus on the Soldiers and dinosaurs in Crash Site. I wanted to see how many raptors the Soldiers could kill without me weakening any of the raptors. I tried to assist the Soldiers best I could by standing in the raptor's way and having them munch at me while the Soldiers kill them. In total the four Soldiers of this level managed to kill twenty two raptors and the T-Rex. The lone Soldier who is based near the T-Rex killed three of the twenty two raptors, as well as the T-Rex. The three Soldiers who are based near the crashed plane killed nineteen of the twenty two raptors. Perhaps they could've killed more enemies but the raptors stopped spawning and so that was the end of the fight. There must be some glitch or something where the number of raptors that spawn at the end of the level can vary. When you step on the Grenade Launcher at the end of the level, I believe that it's possible for thirty raptors to spawn. Clearly that wasn't the case in this instance, which was unfortunate as I would've liked it if the Soldiers had the opportunity to kill more raptors.
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Interesting. I always thought goodies verses baddies was just a computer algorithm where the games computer decided by chance who won. Sometimes the goodies win sometimes the baddies. But it seems going by your videos its not quite as simple as that

I usually end up shooting a goody, and then everyone is out to kill Lara
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