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Question Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

Hello! I am new to this forum and I am stuck going forward with the game. I hope someone has an answer to this....I am on XBOX series S and just bought TR DE a week ago and I am at 36% completion and stuck at 'Highway to hell, Find a way up to the Solarii Stronghold' with the objective to 'infiltrate the palace'. After killing all enemies next to the ladder to where Grim is, Lara never had a chat with Grim who is on top of the now destroyed ladder. As per youtube, there should be a conversation between Lara and Grim and Lara saying she will find an alternate way to get to Grim. This did not show up on my gameplay! And now I am stucked within the area bordering the down helicopter at the fast travel camp and Shantytown near the tomb and not able to get to the Windmill area for another battle (as per youtube videos). I have exhausted all my ability to find a way to the tower/windmill area. I do not want to restart the game from scratch and find the same issue, so I hope someone has an answer. Thank you.
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Welcome aboard. Someone should be along soon with some advice.
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So what are you suppose to do according to the videos you saw on youtube to get to the new area?
After Lara talks with Grim she has to jump on a rope and climb it to reach the next area. That is where you are stuck at?
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Hi! That conversation never happened/appeared in my gameplay. I just had the melee/battle with the enemies and no enemy rope down to where Lara was, so there is no way for Lara to rope up to the next area as per youtube video. And after my battle, Lara never had a conversation with Grim. That's my issue.My gameplay is different from all of those on youtube. Thanks for your response.
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There's a rope arrow post on Lara's side, can you attach it to the post on the other side across the river to make your way up to the travel system anyway, see if it triggers the next part anyway? Other than that, you may need to reload the last checkpoint or save, if you have one.
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